Red Bull Crashed Ice Shuttles

The Word from Munich

Croxall Munich Battlefield Sebastian Marko/Global Newsroom

The first Red Bull Crashed Ice competition of 2011 was a thrilling fight to the finish, but don't take our word for it! Here's what the racers thought of the action...

Kyle Croxall (Canada) 1st place
"It's been a long night, but I can't feel better than I do right now. This is awesome. It's too bad that my brother, Scott, got disqualified up there. It's a good race and I'm glad to have won the final. We're going to be celebrating pretty hard tonight. We're going to the Red Bull after race party and we'll see where it goes from there because I've got a flight home tomorrow morning! It was an awesome atmosphere here. They put up a huge, huge event. It's been great. The crowd was cheering for us, even though we're Canadians and not from Germany. They put on a great show and I'm really happy to be here. I felt bad for my brother. He beat me in the round before the final, so who knows what would have happened. But he did his best and we both got to the final so we had a good night and we’re both looking forward to the next race in Holland. We'll see what happens over there.

Arttu Pihlainen (FIN) 2nd place
“The ice was getting worse after every race. I knew that was going to happen. It’s what happens in every race. In the final I tried to reduce my speed a bit before the first turn and take a safer approach. But you can’t really slow down too much in the final. My skates got caught in a small hole or rut on the turn and I lost my balance and hit the wall, landing on my nose. That was basically the race for me. It felt good on clean ice in the earlier heats. It gets harder when the ice gets rough. So second place isn’t that bad with three races to go.”

Lukas Kolc (CZE) 3rd place
“I’m a little bit disappointed because I thought I could have gotten second place. Unfortunately, the quality of the ice got poorer after so many runs. So all in all I’m pretty satisfied with the result. I was a bit tired at the end. I didn’t have any problems with my legs. The hardest part was getting the breathing right because it felt pretty warm.”

Martin Niefnecker (GER) 10th place
"I got off to a good start in the first two heats, but in the third heat I wasn’t able to pick the gate I wanted anymore. It actually wasn’t a bad gate and I got away pretty good. But then I gave up my second place because I didn’t race the way I can. The other two guys deserved to advance. They were just better than I was. It just didn’t work out today. My thoughts are now turning to the next race in Valkenburg and getting ready for that."

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