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Belgian paraglider and adventurer Thomas de Dorlodot has just landed after a 20-day paragliding trip in the high mountains of the great Karakorum in the Pakistani Himalayas. He is the first lone pilot to ever cross this remote mountain range...

Tom de Dorlodot
has just paraglided and walked more than 300 km through three of the biggest glaciers on Earth - Hispar, Biafo and Concordia. He was carrying his gear himself, sleeping under his glider, drinking water from the rivers and Red Bull from the can. It was his second record-breaking flight over the region, after his solitary altitude chase in the summer of 2011.

Thomas flew at the incredible height of 7,250m, landed on glaciers, climbed a virgin peak at 5,364m, crossed a few passes at more than 5,000m and was the first to reach the second-highest mountain on earth, K2 (8,611m).

All this after a flight of 60km into this most inhospitable but magical landscape - and without any landing options.

“Flying all the length of the Concordia glacier was probably the most impressive and technical flight of my life," said Thomas. "Landing there in the middle of nowhere would have meant more than a week of hiking to get out!”

No doubt this unequalled acomplishment was prove to be great training for the athlete who just signed up for the 2013 edition of Red Bull X-Alps.

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