With the release of Red Bull’s Urban Futbol upon us, we ask the president and CEO of developer Koolhaus Games Inc, Wolfgang Hamann, about what to expect from the anticipated app…

What’s the aim of the game?
The game is the first-ever based on the Red Bull Balcony Shot event. In a nutshell, you have to prove you have the skills to become the King of Urban Futbol.

What can players expect from Urban Futbol?
They can expect to take their game to the streets – wherever they are - and test their shot skills to the limit. Players will be able to try out five different and dynamic locales and get as close as possible to experiencing the fun of the real Red Bull Balcony Shot.

How true to life is the gameplay?
We've taken the spirit of the real-world event and adapted it for a genuine, lasting and challenging experience. The game will take you to the extreme side of Balcony shot where you’ll see that we’ve introduced additional high scores for alternative targets.


Tell us about the different game modes…
It’s a compilation of two high-quality games. Initially, the game will be released with Red Bull Balcony Shot, but we will shortly following it up with a dynamic interpretation of Red Bull's Street Style event. We’re also already brainstorming on more ideas to be implemented further down the line.

Can players – newbies and veterans alike – expect a challenge?
Certainly. The controls are well balanced enough to let most casual players succeed. Additionally, longevity is delivered thanks to deeper controls, additional targets and a scoring system that depends on choices, skills and ball-handling abilities.

There seems to be an emphasis on competition between friends via social networking, how will this element of the game work?
Players can compete across the globe but are able to see their success in terms of locality, time and, of course, Facebook friends.

Are there any aspects of the game of which you’re particularly proud?
Really, we're most proud of the overall visuals in conjunction with a great ball-control system, allowing for quite an addictive experience and extended gameplay. Once you master curve balls you'll never look back!


Urban Futbol is live on iTunes and Android stores

Play Urban Futbol online here


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