Want to try your hand at Red Bull Balcony Shot but don't think your feet are up to the task? Get practiced with Urban Futbol, all you need is a well-trained finger...

All it takes is a steady digit and an assured flick to succeed at Urban Futbol, the new game from Red Bull Media House and the Vancouver-based development team Koolhaus Games Inc.

Think Angry Birds but with real-world applications and not so much in the way of annoying little green pigs, Urban Futbol gives everybody the chance to have a go at Red Bull Balcony Shot, a growing urban game that sees everything from bins to trees to playground equipment to, well, balconies, used as targets for well-aimed kicks. Let pro-footballer Edgar Davids explain how it works in the video below… 

Available to play on iOS, Android and Online, Urban Futbol is a slickly entertaining endeavour that allows you to choose from two starting levels – Sao Paulo and Taormina – and use the fully interactive environments for target practice. Once you’ve mastered those levels, you can buy some more set in Cape Town, Tokyo and Porto for a small fee through an in-app purchase.

The aim of the game is to swipe the screen (or use your mouse if you’re online) to take out an increasingly valuable set of coloured drapes hanging across balconies. The trickier your shot, the more points you’ll make – and you can get more points if you’re lucky enough to hit one of the bonus targets scattered throughout the level..., so keep ‘em peeled. Those achievements can then be compared amongst your friends via the worldwide leaderboard and Facebook.

A challenging, rewarding and immensely replayable game, Urban Futbol is a must for seasoned players and rookies alike. Get your game on now.


Urban Futbol is available to download from iTunes and Android stores

Play Urban Futbol online here

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