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Female Moto X rider Ashley Fiolek was forced out of last weekend's X Games in LA through injury but she still turned up to cheer on her bike-riding pals. We caught up with her.

Ashley is famous for defying all expectations. Not only was the first woman to ride for Honda Red Bull Racing, she also won X Games gold in her very first appearance in 2009 and then won again in 2010. The fact that she did all this while being profoundly deaf makes her achievements all the more remarkable.

Fiolek was ruled out of this year's 2012 X Games through injury, but the young star turned up for a weekend in the stands. Here's what she had to say…

How do X Games fans react to female competitors?
Oh, the X Games fans are amazing! They are really respectful to female athletes and of course I love the attention.

What’s been your greatest X Games moment to date?
In 2010, I won my second gold medal. I think that was my best moment because in practice I was three seconds off the top girl, but I kept my head high and let the fans motivate me.

What’s the most unusual thing a fan has asked you to sign?
I once went to Budds Creek just to visit and a bunch of fans asked me to sign their foreheads with my sharpie.

What advice would you give to an X Games debutant?
Just have fun and enjoy the experience! 




Do you have any pre-competition rituals or superstitions?
Yes, when I get dressed I always put everything on my left first!

Do you get nervous before competitions?
Yes of course, until the gate drops.

Who are you hoping to watch at this year's X Games?
I have a lot of friends there so I will be watching all of them – Travis Pastrana, Daniel Dhers, Ryan Sheckler.



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