Jermold Comptom performs at Red Bull Art of Motion London

20 Athletes Push the Limits of Gravity at the Red Bull Art of Motion in Kuwait

Kuwait will host the best free runners on the planet! Red Bull Art of Motion will feature the top Free-runners and Parkour athletes from Kuwait and around the world. On Saturday November 12, a battle between the top local Free-runners and Parkour Athletes will take place in Kuwait to determine the top three local qualifiers who will join 17 other athletes from around the world.

On Wednesday November 16 andThursday November 17, the top 20 athletes will use their Mini cars to turn the island of Failaka into a spectacular acrobatic Parkour and Free-running show when they compete in the Red Bull Art of Motion in Kuwait with their Mini cars.

The two-day Free-running competition will be a challenge for participants to navigate the natural obstacles of the historical island of Failaka – while demonstrating a captivating mixture of Free-running, Parkour, martial arts and gymnastics along the way. The traditional and historic buildings of Failaka will serve as the impressive backdrop for the participating athletes.

The competition will push athletes to combine the physical discipline of overcoming obstacles by adapting movements to the surroundings (parkour) with free-running, a form of urban acrobatics that challenges individuals to perform movements using the island landscape. Each team will use Failaka’s street scenery as a creative playing field on which to showcase their innovative athleticism.

In Free Running the object is to overcome the natural obstacles with utmost creativity, style, skill and a perfect fluidity. The athletes push the limits of gravity as they overcome the gorges between houses and other hurdles with an unbelievable aura of lightness.

Red Bull Art of Motion brings together the world’s best parkour athletes and free-runners on unique courses in epic locations across the globe. Art of Motion began in Vienna, Austria in 2007.

Ryan Doyle, a world-renowned free-running star and the victor in that first competition, explains that each event is about the taking part more than the winning: “It’s more of an exhibition of different styles. It’s not 20 Free-runners competing against each other, it’s 20 Free-runners competing against the course every time – almost like 20 different tournaments.”

Previous Winners
Vienna, Austria: Ryan Doyle (UK)

Vienna, Austria: Jason Paul (Germany)
Helsingborg, Sweden: “Dido” Delyan Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

Vienna, Austria: Jason Paul (Germany)
Tampa, USA: Yohan Leroux (France)
Boston, USA: Jason Paul (Germany)

London, UK: Tim Shieff (UK)
Yokohama, Japan: Jason Paul (Germany)
Sao Paolo, Brazil: Ryan Doyle (UK)
Detroit, USA: Marcus Gustafsson (Sweden)
Santorini, Greece: Pavel Petkuns (Latvia)
Failaka, Kuwait: ?


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