Our top viral videos this week include an insane wingsuit jump, an unlikely one-handed rugby catch, a monster truck fail and a baby who can't get enough of Freddie Mercury...

On A Wing And A Prayer

To kick us off this week is some incredible helmet-cam footage from a wingsuit jump. Check out how close the to treelines he gets...

Catch The Way To Do It

We don't know what we love more, the awesome one-handed catch and subsequent try or the incredibly nonchalant manner in which he pulls it off.

Reporter Makes The News

We all know what it's like to have a bad day at the office but fortunately it doesn't usually go out live on television...

Tug Of War, What Is It Good For?

After this ill-advised battle, one of these monster truck drivers is going to have one hell of a mechanic's bill...


Rags To (Comedy) Riches

This advertisement for Divine Rags, a supposedly high-end ladies couture store in Memphis, may look cheap and tacky but the clothes will make you look a million dollars - possibly.


Baby Freddie Mercury Fan

What do you think his favourite song is? Fat Nappied Girls? Radio Goo Goo? Bohemian Afternoon Napsody?

Parkour Guy Messes Up

 Next time, leave it to the professionals. And bring a spare pair of underpants...


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