X-Fighters Jam Buenos Aires 1 Gustavo Cherro/Red Bull Content Pool

The only thing higher than the Red Bull X-Fighters in Buenos Aires was the sun that shone down on the 20,000 spectators gathered to witness the event.

The crowd showed their appreciation for every whip and flip pulled off at the downtown X-Fighters Jam as the bikers rose to the occasion.

We checked in with the bikers for their reaction to an unforgettable day in Buenos Aires…

“Visiting Argentina turned out to be an awesome experience. A ton of people came out to watch the show and that added a great energy to whole thing. I also have to say that the effort put in by the other riders really helped me to push my own performance. All these things put together made it one of the most memorable days of my life.”
Lance Coury - USA

“I have wanted to put on a show in Buenos Aires for so long now it was great to finally to get the chance. The best thing about the day for me was looking out at the crowd when I was in the air with my bike. The sea of faces just went on and on in every direction. It reminded me of my trip to Brasilia with Red Bull X-Fighters earlier this year. I just love to perform for enthusiastic crowds.”
Javier Villegas - Chile  

null Gustavo Cherro/Red Bull Content Pool

“There’s no better motivation for putting on a good show than having so many people out there to see you. I want to thank the people of Buenos Aires for their support because I enjoyed every single second I was out there.”
Marco ‘Chino’ Gonzalez - Chile

“I trained so hard for this event and spent the last two months in the United States working to improve my level alongside Javier Villegas. All that hard work was worth it to be able to come home and feel such special support from the crowd. The whole day was truly unforgettable.”
Edgardo Prevedello - Argentina

“No words can describe the emotions that I experienced during this show in Buenos Aires. To be out there jumping in my country with some of the best freestylers in the world was a real privilege.”
Sebastian Navarro, Argentina

“I have been passionate about freestyle all my life and I use to dream about being about to take part in an event like this. It’s so great for the sport in my country to get this kind of exposure. We were live on television and after the show my cell phone was dead because of all of the messages I received. It’s great to be able to raise public awareness of what we do here in Argentina.”
Dario Navarro, Argentina  

null Gustavo Cherro/Red Bull Content Pool

Although the X-Fighters were the main dish of the day there was also a great supporting act from local BMX and stunt riders.

“Being part of this thing has been a blast from first to last. It was an honour to be out there warming up the crowd for the X-Fighters. It’s really surreal for me to be here on the main street of my home city doing tricks in front of so many people. This is once in a lifetime stuff.”
Ariel Matias Aristimuno – BMX rider from Buenos Aires

“Our Jump Stunt Style crew is all about entertaining people with tricks so it’s great to get the chance to do what we do in front of so many people. The sun was out and the crowd had come to fun so we just got on with it.”
Diego Boggi – Jump Stunt Style

And bringing as much to the party as anyone was the crowd of 20,000 whose encouragement brought out the best in all of the riders.

Martin Peralta Recio – nine-year-old kid who couldn’t get enough of the stunts on show.

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