Red Bull Cliff Diving Submission Success


Jorge Ferzuli in Australia Jorge Ferzuli, who won through the 2012 qualifier, is among those returning to Australia (Mark Watson/Red Bull Content Pool)

13 divers, from nine different countries, have been given a plane ticket to Australia and the chance to compete in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series after the initial line-up was confirmed for the 2013 Qualification Competition.

Over the past month, divers have been applying via and, after sifting through YouTube clips and considering past performances, seven athletes have been selected by organisers in addition to the six divers who competed as part of the 2012 World Series but did not make the automatic cut for 2013.

The divers will go up to a height of 27 metres and as they fall attempt to match technique and physical artistry in the quest for diving perfection and top scores from the judges. The 13 athletes are competing for five available places in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013.

Stay tuned to for more in the build-up to the 2013 Qualification Competition which will take place on the Hawkesbury River, in Australia, on January 31 and February 2.

2013 Qualification Competition Line-Up
Alain Kohl (LUX)
Jorge Ferzuli (MEX)
Cyrille Oumedjkane (FRA)
Kent De Mond (USA)
Michal Navratil (CZE)
Blake Aldridge (GBR)
Anatoliy Shabotenko (UKR)
Andy Jones (USA)
Todor Spasov (BUL)
Matt Cowen (GBR)
Hassan Mouti (FRA)
Jonathan Paredes (MEX)
Kris Kolanus (POL)

If you have any questions regarding the Qualification Competition please contact the following:
Niki Stajkovic - Sports Director:
Joey Zuber - Sports Consultant:
Bernd Krainbucher - International Project Manager:

The Hills Shire Council will host the qualifier at the Riverside Oaks Golf Resort in Sydney’s garden shire suburb of Cattai (NSW) on Saturday, February 2, from 3pm.








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