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A photo of snowboarder Travis Rice, shot by Dustin Snipes, has won Best Portrait 2011 in the American Photo Magazine. Check it out….

This portrait of snowboarder Travis Rice behind a sheet of ice has won Best Portrait in the prestigious American Photo 2011 Images of the Year contest. Dustin Snipes, who shot the frosty portrait in Santa Monica last August, even managed to beat ESPN Magazine – a publication that specialises in sports photography. 

Travis Rice - Images of the Year

Technical details:
• Camera: Nikon D3X
• Focal Length: 50
• Shutter Speed: 1/250
• Lens: 50mm 1.4
• ISO: 50
• Aperture (F-Stop): 11

Dustin Snipes took up photography in high school before scoring a summer photography internship with a minor league baseball team, the Spokane Indians, during college. Says Dustin: "That was my first sports-related photo job, and I really enjoyed it. I developed a pretty decent sports portfolio, so when I applied at other, bigger newspapers I would always get put into sports departments."

After college he landed a job with photo wire service Icon Sports Media and moved to LA. "In my sports action pictures I try to stay away from traditional, high-impact shots. Everybody with a camera that shoots 10 frames per second can get that. I want to be able to see the picture in front of me and not just pull the trigger. I want to get something unique."

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