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A taste of Red Bull Music Academy comes to Northern Portugal this week – and so here is just a little taste of what the historic city of Porto can expect from the experience…

The Invicta…

… named after one of the city of Porto’s alternative names, Cidade Invicta (‘Invincible City’), is actually three former fabric warehouses now converted into the Red Bull Music Academy Porto Hub. Over the course of one week, the Hub will continue the tradition that the Red Bull Music Academy has been creating in cities like Rome, Toronto, São Paulo or London, of a vibrant academy, where 80 aspiring musicians will meet with established artists to gain knowledge and collaborate to find new sounds.

Boogie Funk ambassador from Los Angeles Dâm-funK…

… Om’Mas Keith, member of the visionary collective Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Appleblim, the no limit dub-stepper, the composer and industry insider TóZé Brito, pioneer A Guy Called Gerald and Eurico A. Cebolo, both teacher and author, are the guests occupying the Red Bull Music Academy couch, sharing secrets, stories and experiences exclusively with the event participants.

Oblá FM…

… is a radio station created by the Red Bull Music Academy for the Porto Hub, broadcast at 102.1 FM from 2pm to midnight, during the whole event. Some shows will also be broadcast live on Antena 3 and live-streamed through Antena 3 Dance. The rest of the planet can tune in via for an hour daily from 8pm to 9pm CET and tune in on demand for later specials after the event. The lineup is ambitious: interviews, DJ sets and live acts by guest artists and also local music activists from the city. It’ll all be put together by the Ginga Beat team – Red Bull Music Academy Radio’s national show, broadcast on Antena 3.

The newspaper O Conspirador

… (‘The Conspirator’) will be distributed throughout the whole event. Besides detailed programming and useful tips on the events, it will also include secret stories about Porto. Twenty pages of music magic will be produced by a collective of journalists and local activists.

If music is 'invisible art'…

… the arts are 'music for the eye'. The Red Bull Music Academy believes in the cross-pollenation of vision and sound, and so there will be a special place for visual arts in the Porto Hub. Twenty-two artists have been invited – designers, illustrators, architects and writers – to collaborate in various locations linked to the event, both indoors and outdoors.

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