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In this week’s Red Bull Gaming Blog, Glen Ferris gets his hands on the long-awaited beat ’em mash-up that is Street Fighter X Tekken before revealing some exciting news about Assassin’s Creed III, Bioshock Infinite and I AM PLAYR.

Street Fighter X Tekken – Review

If your childhood was anything like ours, you’d have spent inordinate amounts of time questioning which superhero/movie star/cartoon character/videogame protagonist would beat another superhero/movie star/cartoon character/videogame protagonist in a fight.

Occasionally, some enterprising souls would see fit to answer those questions (check out the rather inflammatory DC Vs. Marvel crossover from a few years back), but it was usually left down to our prodigious powers of statistical analysis to work out who would claim hypothetical victory over who.

Now, thanks to Capcom, one such argument - namely who’s harder, the muscled marauders from Street Fighter or the pumped-up pugilists from Tekken? – can be answered.

Street Fighter X Tekken (FYI, the 'X' is pronounced as “cross”) puts the power in your hands. Now you can finally see if Ryu could take down Jin in a fair fight, if Yoshimitsu could knock out Cammy or if Chun-Li could destroy King.

The first Street Fighter/Tekken crossover to hit shelves (another is in the works from Namco Bandai will ape the 3D style of the Tekken series), this 2D fighter uses the six-button Street Fighter control style but happily comes with its own unique set of innovations to make it well worth the purchase.

Top of the new addition list is the Gem customisation system - you can now customise any of the characters with three gems that can give extra abilities or boost skill stats, which is quite the boon for new players and those who suffer regular mullering at the hand of more experienced gamers – and the Pandora mode –which allows you to sacrifice one partner when they're low on health in return for the remaining fighter to get a huge power-up for 10 seconds.

Aside from those and a few other tinkering options, it’s game on as usual. Well, almost.

You see, Street Fighter X Tekken is a tag team game which sees four characters facing off against each other. It’s an unexpected change which puts a fresh spin on a tried-and-tested formula.

Like a regular tag team match, if one partner is taken out, it’s game over. So a new tactical mindset comes into play as you switch between characters to make the most of your combo combinations.

This is made easy and fun thanks to the introduction of tagging options such as the Switch Chance (swap in your partner mid combo and carry on their attack), Cross Rush (chuck your opponent in the air and then let your partner lay the smackdown) and Cross Cancel (defend against an attack and subsequently perform a launcher move).

In addition to the new elements and the playing field leveller that is the Gem system, noobs are made extra welcome with some detailed tutorials that give you a proper chance to learn some serious skills before heading into the arena.

In terms of choice, there’s load on offer here. From the huge amount of punch-happy characters on offer (the PS3 exclusive Pac-Man is probably the most unlikely) to the countless customising options, through to the myriad match styles online and off, there’s loads of stuff to keep you busy here.

Interestingly for a game that brings together two of the world’s most recognisable and adored fighters , Street Fighter X Tekken is very much its own beast. Inclusive to all and with a steep learning curve that rewards practice and punishes random button-bashing, it’s a genre addition that deserves to find a bigger audience beyond the franchise fans. In short, we highly recommend it.

Byte-Sized News

  • Following on from last week’s reveal that Assassin’s Creed III will be set during the American Revolution and will feature a new tomahawk-wielding protagonist, Ubisoft have gone ahead and launched the very first teaser trailer – and it’s bloody lovely! If the idea of slaughtering Redcoats, climbing snow-covered trees and following George Washington into battle sounds like fun, you may want to pre-order this one now…
  • Like some kind of self-promoting Deep Throat, those loose-lipped folks at Irrational Games just can’t stop themselves from leaking important information about their very own BioShock Infinite.

This time, they’ve let slip some tidbits about the first of the game’s Heavy Hitters – a series of adversaries so unrelentingly badass that you’ll rue the day you ever chose to tussle with them. The first major antagonist to take its bow is the indomitable Motorized Patriot. One part Terminator, a little Jesse Ventura in Predator and a whole lot of fearless Founding Father, this is one creepy looking creation…

  • Not content with having given the world its first fully immersive football career simulation, those clever people over at We R Interactive have been busy coming up with even more innovations for I AM PLAYR.

In addition to giving gamers the chance to follow in the footsteps of a soccer star – both on and off the pitch – they’ve now launched global tournaments where countries go head to head to win weekly trophies. They’ve also introduced a series of masterclasses from real-life player and head coach at the fictional River Park Football Club Gary McAllister and revealed a bunch of new PLAYR training drill challenges.

Perhaps the most interesting addition, however, is the new storyline content which sees the likes of Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson making an impact on your virtual career. Go to to sign up now if you haven’t already done so.


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