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In the second part of our exclusive chat with the stars and director of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, we asked about their learning experiences and favourite scenes from the Potter movies.

What have the Harry Potter films taught you?
Rupert Grint:
I think, just being on set, that you do pick up a lot. The cast on these films has always been amazing. I remember when I was 12 and I worked with Richard Harris and Maggie Smith and all these amazing people – at the time I didn’t know who they were, to be honest, but I soon began to appreciate who these people were. You do absorb a lot of stuff from people like that.

Tom Felton: You learn things without consciously learning them, I guess. I remember a great piece of advice that Helena Bonham-Carter gave was that if you have to cry for whatever reason, tell your brain that you can’t or won’t cry. That usually works to pretty good effect.

David Yates: Always schedule holidays when making big Hollywood movies back-to-back, otherwise you’re an idiot. I’ve worked solidly for six and a half years and, while I love the material, I really need a holiday now.

What is your favourite Harry Potter scene?
Emma Watson: Well, in terms of fond memories, the scene where I first come onto the train in the first movie and I say, “You’re Harry Potter.” I’m really fond of it because it was actually what I auditioned with and it’s my opening scene, the first time my character is introduced. Whenever I see that scene, it just takes me back.

'Kenneth Branagh just gurgles out hilarious gibberish' – Tom Felton

Rupert Grint: From any of the films? Um, I think the chess scene from the first film is fantastic. I remember it being really cool and I loved it when all the chess pieces started to get smashed up. As a 12-year-old, that was just great.

Tom Felton: Man, off the top of my head right now is where Gilderoy Lockheart [Kenneth Branagh] in the second film gets hits with, I forget the spell, the confundus or something, and is walking around completely bemused. He just gurgles out hilarious gibberish, it’s definitely one of my fondest memories.

Matthew Lewis: I think the whole bridge sequence in Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was pretty cool. I was working with Nick Moran late into the night and I honestly felt like James Bond with all the explosions going off and the cameras on quadbikes chasing me while I’m running. I really thought, “That was what I got into acting for.”

David Yates: Can it be one of mine? I like the scene on the viaduct in this movie, right at the end where they’re saying goodbye to the school and saying goodbye to their past. I find it very moving. That’s probably my favourite scene.

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