Horace Andy is one of the most distinctive voices in Reggae. His falsetto singing is instantly recognisable to even the least familiar with Jamaican music – which might have something to do with a band called Massive Attack. Get the lowdown on Horace in a Fireside Chat at Red Bull Music Academy Radio.

Horace Andy’s classic recordings date back to the 60s and 70s. Although they remain essential reggae pearls, it his more recent work with Massive Attack which has introduced this most positive rasta to an entire new generation of admiring fans.

Reggae heads will surely know Horace's work with all of the most upfront artists and producers to come out of Kingston, JA – notably with Coxsone Dodd (Studio One), Bunny Lee and Sly and Robbie.

Born Horace Hinds in Allman Town, on February 19, 1951, Horace saw his elder cousin (and eventual Wingless Angel) Justin Hinds rise to stardom in Jamaica, most memorably with the hit single Carry Go Bring Come.

Horace’s own track Got to Be Sure was released in 1970 and followed up with several more very successfull singles during the 70s. Throughout his career, Horace Andy would revisit and re-record old tunes, standards as well as own songs, in the typically Jamaican art of versioning. It is remarkable that his later versions do not only compare well to the originals, they tend to bring on a new mystery and magic with every new interpretation. 



As the 90s dawned, Horace's relationship with Massive Attack began. The group's cinematic and dubbed out songs seemed natural sound frames for the singer and from Blue Lines on, Andy has had guest performances on all of the band's albums.



As Massive Attack rose from being the core cell of the extremely progressive and tight Bristol soundsystem (The Wild Bunch) to fame throughout the European and American electronic music-scenes, Horace was introduced to a fresh generation of listeners. Many of these 'Trip Hoppers' were unaware of his legacy, despite several Massive Attack tracks being originally Andy's staple, including Spy Glass (aka Spying Glass from Protection), Man Next Door (originally sung by John Holt) and Angel, both found on Mezzanine.



Listen to some of Horace’s classic records and get to hear about how he connected with Massive Attack, or how much he enjoyed working with Ashley Beedle for his latest album. There also happened some exclusive recordings of Horace singing jingles for our favourite radio station. Irie, irie!

Horace Andy - Skylarking - Studio One
Horace Andy - Mr. Bassie (Discomix) - Blood & Fire
Horace Andy - You Are My Angel - Tad's Record
Horace Andy - Money Money - Metamorphosis Records Inc
Horace Andy & Tappa Zukie - Natty Dread A Weh... - Stars
Horace Andy - Ain't No Sunshine - Trojan Records
Horace Andy - Cuss Cuss - Rockers Forever
Massive Attack - One Love - Wild Bunch Records
Horace Andy - Johnny Too Bad - Melankolic
Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle - Seek It - Strut Records
Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle - 2 Way Traffic - Strut Records
Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle - When The Rain Falls - Strut Records 


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