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In the latest of our exclusive street art blogs, Pochoir takes a look at the work of Dotmasters...

As I mentioned previously, I bumped into Dotmasters who was getting ready for Glastonbury and I got chance to ask him a few questions. Dotmasters is actually one person – one Dotmaster rather than a collective. The first thing I asked is how Dotmasters came about.

Dotmasters is the name of a project that originated out of www.c6.org (Dotmaster’s prior incarnation). The project first started when the Dotmaster got his hands on a laser cutter that belonged to Graffiti Research Lab in New York. Check out graffitiresearchlab.com/ if you have never seen their work, it is incredible.

The story Dotmaster told me is that when he met up with GRL in New York, they happened to have a laser cutter lying around and nobody was using it. Dotmaster asked if he could learn to operate it and see if it had some potential. He ended up using it to laser cut some stencils, specifically Dotmaster made laser cut halftone stencils and became the first person to paint laser cut halftones on the street.

The first Dotmasters piece I saw was at Cans Festival (2008) and I was blown away by the use of halftones in his work. The halftone dot technique allows so much more tonality than most hand cut stencils. It allows Dotmasters to paint stencils with a varied tonal range more like a photographic image or Andy Warhol’s halftone silkscreened paintings, such as this... 

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 ...as opposed to the high contrast, purely black and white stencils of early Banksy and Blek Le Rat work, such as this...  

null www.flickr.com/photos/68192958@N00/

No one else I had seen was doing this at the time and it really looked like a step forward. As I did not know that Dotmasters used a laser it also looked a really tricky stencil to hand cut to get the dots so perfect. I asked Dotmaster whether there was any connection between Warhol’s screen-printing works and his own dots. It turns out Dotmaster’s mum was an art department technician in his local school and she was the first person to shown him how to use stencils to make prints using the silkscreen process.

Since he finished painting at Glastonbury this years Dotmasters has been busy organizing and painting at Nuart 11 www.nuart.no in Stavanger, Noway. No lasers involved with this one though…


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