Red Bull Cliff Diving Submission Success


Cyrille Oumedjkane Dean Treml/Red Bull Cliff Diving

2012 World Series leader Orlando Duque is on top after the first day of cliff dives from the 28m platform on Ireland's Inis Mor.

Duque, who hit a flying reverse for nines and a front double half for eights, amassing a total of 194.40 points, is leading at the halfway stage following an extended first day of competition in tough conditions.

Though the weather improved considerably from Thursday, a huge tide was still producing swells of up to three metres, and many of the divers were sporting wetsuits in order to combat the cold conditions.

The first round of competition dives to decide the head-to-head pairings was followed by the first of the two head-to-head rounds with less than 11 points separating the top four divers after a total of 28 dives, all with a fixed DD of 3.6.

On Saturday, the 14 divers will ditch the wetsuits in order to perform their harder, optional dives with the seven winners (and one lucky loser) advancing through to the final.

The 700 Irish fans who have won tickets to watch the competition that has been the talk of the town are going to be in for a treat with 22 cliff dives remaining to decide who will win the fourth stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

"The first day is done and tomorrow we come to do our optional dives," said challenger Artem Silchenko. "My first dive is the armstand. I’m starting to feel nervous already but tomorrow I will push my hands and work, work, work! We are head-to-head but when I dive with my armstand there is no Alain (Kohl) or Orlando (Duque) or Gary (Hunt), or anyone else, there with me on the platform. It is me and my dive."

Scores after Round Two
Steven LoBue (189.00) v Gennadiy Kutsenko (115.20)
Orlando Duque (194.40) v Kent De Mond (151.20)
Gary Hunt (185.40) v Blake Aldridge (145.80)
Michal Navratil (183.60) v Todor Spasov (147.60)
Artem Silchenko (178.20) v Alain Kohl (158.40)
David Colturi (163.80) v Sasha Kutsenko (135.00)
Jorge Ferzuli (149.40) v Cyrille Oumedjkane (129.60)

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