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Red Bull Flying Bach: Goodnight Oslo | Photostory

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Berlin's multi-award winning Flying Steps dance crew took the Norwegian capital by storm at the weekend as they continued their Red Bull Flying Bach world tour.

The Flying Bach team, who've created a dance sensation from the unlikely pairing of hip-hop culture and the classical music of Johann Sebastian Bach, reconvened on September 15 to continue their global expedition.

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On the crew's last stop in Tbilisi, Georgia, they were invited to perform on a TV talent show and after an amazing few days in the city they were eager to get back to business by the time they arrived at the Oslo Concert Hall for two more sold out shows.

Once again they failed to disappoint.

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Both shows were met with standing ovations from a crowd comprised of ballet lovers, hip-hop fans and Bach obsessives.

"The Norwegian audience was absolutely fabulous," said dancer, choroegrapher and Flying Steps director Vartan Bassil afterwards.

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"We knew it would be a good experience when the entire audience were applauding and cheering during the first head spins," continued Vartan. "And when the night ended with a standing ovation that lasted more than five minutes, we got off the stage with a wonderful feeling."

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Around 2,800 Norwegians were there to enjoy Red Bull Flying Bach's unique version of Johann Sebastian Bach's Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, which the crew of musicians and dancers (both street and ballet) have been performing to rave reviews for the past year or so. 

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They began their current world tour at the Istrian National Theatre of Pula, Croatia, back in May, followed by dates in Georgia. And after these two Norwegian shows they take their strange mix of beats, breakdancing and baroque fugues to Beirut, Lebanon (September 22), which Vartan is particularly excited about.

"Personally, I’m most looking forward to the stop in Lebanon," he explained a few months ago, "because it’s my home country, but most of the crew are excited about going to Japan – especially Yui and Benny who both have Japanese roots. It’s going to be very special."

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The main attraction of Red Bull Flying Bach for many people is the chance to witness Berlin's four-time breakdancing world champions Flying Steps. It seems there are b-boys all over the world these days and although it might take a little while for them to get used to the live piano and harpsichord playing Johann Sebastian Bach's music, they're soon persuaded by the dazzling body movements that are perfectly synchronized with the music.

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The tour is set to stop in Qatar, UAE, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Japan, Switzerland and Russia before the year is out.

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"We’re already looking forward to our return to Norway next year," said an enthusiastic Vartan after their two shows in the Scandinavian country.

So if you missed your chance this time, Oslofolk, you might still get to see this innovative show yet.

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