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In this week’s Red Bull Gaming Blog, Glen Ferris goes off the edge of the map with Dragon’s Dogma and dishes the dirt on the Red Bull Racing Spy and Red Bull Music Academy apps…

Dragon’s Dogma - Review

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Dragon’s Dogma is one charming son of a gun. It’s a game that flagrantly nicks many elements from other – and better – titles and yet somehow manages to emerge with its dignity intact.

Bearing all the hallmarks of a third-person Skyrim rip-off – players get to explore a huge open world while swinging, lobbing or firing an extraordinary array of weapons and casting more spells than you can shake a wand at – Dragon’s Dogma has enough of its own good ideas and a laudable depth of gameplay and storytelling to avoid any copyright infringement claims.

Made by the same team behind Devil May Cry, but bearing nary a jot of resemblance to that demon-slaying saga, Dragon's Dogma opens with your custom-created character finding himself separated from a vital organ by a nasty dragon only to cheat death and be hailed as an ‘Arisen’ – someone with the rare capacity for summoning ethereal creatures called 'Pawns'.

Because it’s a single-player game, it’s up to you to choose and customise three such Pawns to join you on your hunting party and, thanks to some impressive artificial intelligence, they prove to be quite a handy band of brothers.

Half the fun of the game is choosing the cut of your character’s jib and that of your accompaniments – from deciding between fighters, archers or wizards to figuring out what deadly weapon to arm them with, it’s well worth taking your time over the planning stage – while the other half is in the tracking and destroying of your quarry.

Shadow Of The Colossus is clearly a major inspiration as you’re forced to figure out your enemies' weak spots and use whatever is littered around the environment to your advantage – more often than not you have to take the high ground and attack your gigantic prey from above. It’s here that the Pawns prove to be particularly useful as they aid, explore, restore or, if you really can’t be bothered, take out the opponent while you have a breather.

The success of the game lives or dies by the effectiveness of these helpful servants and, if you can get past their incessant chatter, they really do give a much-needed boost to the gameplay. Add to this innovation a fantastic fighting system and some good-looking visuals and you’ve got a title that, while unlikely to prise away any of the Skyrim faithful, is an impressive step into the fantasy realm for game developers Capcom.

Byte-sized news

  • If you’re an F1 fan looking for the very latest insider gossip but find yourself without a paddock pass and a newspaper with two eye holes cut out of it, then the all-new Red Bull Racing Spy app is just the ticket.

    The "official unofficial" Formula1 app follows in the footsteps of the ever-popular Twitter feed as it brings you closer to the real action and takes you behind the scenes with the double world championship-winning Red Bull Racing team.

    Launched to coincide with the Monaco GP, this wealth of news, tips and scurrilous rumours lets you exactly what’s going on in the paddock, pitlane and Red Bull Energy Station as it happens. What’s more, it’s packed with loads of enticing extras – including fact files on each GP destination and an opportunity to post your own questions to the Racing Spy himself. Oh, and did we mention that it’s totally free? Get more info right here.


  • Music makers and noise lovers prepare to have your excitement levels turned all the way up to 11 with the news that the Red Bull Music Academy Radio app has been updated and is better than ever.

    Available for free on iPhone and Android, the all-new iteration of the successful application includes some clever new features – including a special live stream player and the possibility to stream the app via Apple TV to your TV. This now means that you can not only listen to RBMA radio on the move but also in the comfort of your own home and with the benefit of catching all the action as it happens.

    With a huge and ever-growing archive – featuring special editorial picks and 24/7 genre channels – the old maxim that there’s something for everyone has never been more true. Get more info right here.

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