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With the events of the Malaysian Grand Prix in his rear-view and before he gets his head down for the next GP in China, World Champion Sebastian Vettel swapped F1 cars for something a little more old school...

This week our engine supplier invited us to the Renault Technocentre to play with their "toys" - from the latest releases to a real old-timer.

I really enjoyed driving normal cars again, they’re much more comfortable - although I miss the unique sound of an F1 car.

I had a lot of fun looking at some of the really old cars, and even driving them. A very special once was a Renault Type K, which was the car Marcel Renault won the Paris-Vienna Race in 1902. Apparently,, the race started at 3.30am. I think we drivers should be glad they dropped that tradition!

nullSebastian Vettel (© Renault)   

Classis cars are fascinating, especially when you get beneath the bonnet. When something goes wrong with modern cars, you just plug it into a computer and it tells you the error. But with old cars, you have to work out what's wrong and solving the problem is even more fun.

After a few days off, I went back to the factory in Milton Keynes to work on the team and our car.

I admit, the first two races weren't exactly perfect but they weren't that bad either. We proved we can able to compete with the strongest teams and that's very important.

We now have 18 more races ahead of us and we will do all we can to defend our titles. I have total faith in the team, the car and myself. There's still much for us to do, but together as a team we can accomplish anything.

Talk to you soon from China!


nullSebastian Vettel (© Renault) 

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