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Our man in the F1 paddock brings you the latest snippets of news and information from the Singapore Grand Prix...

Seb’s on pole, Mark’s second and so far there hasn’t been a drop of rain yet, so there isn’t much in the way of controversy in Singapore but scratch the surface and there’s plenty going on.

The times they are a'changin'

The Cinderella curfew, beloved of bolties up and down the pitlane, makes allowances for the unavoidable emergencies which occasion mean a team has little choice but to work around the clock rather that observe the strict six-hour shutdown. Everyone’s allowed four exemptions during the season, though this weekend everybody’s been using them – albeit accidentally – like they’re going out of fashion. James Allen explains it very well here.

…the FIA have since relented and let Red Bull off, accepting the early riser was incredibly unlikely to go anywhere near a racing car.

The air up there

While quick hands and a steely nerve are prerequisites for a successful career in Formula One, the primary skill of a racing driver is deflecting blame. ‘Not my fault’ is the usual refrain – so it’s worth remembering those times when someone holds up their hands and apologies, as Kamui Kobayashi did yesterday to pretty much his entire team after hitting the kerbs very hard and very nearly breaking orbit in his Sauber before coming back to earth with a crunch. One Sauber team member told us “we can’t prove it, but we think he might have been trying to clear the fence.” If you didn’t see it, think Steve McQueen at the end of The Great Escape. South Africa’s Supersport has the story.

Garage days Re-Revisited

F1 Rocks has Linkin’ Park playing in Singapore this weekend and doing the obligatory garage tours in the paddock but the real rock news of the weekend is that Metallica are going to be headlining the Indian Grand Prix next month. Suddenly the tortuous visa procedures and the likelihood of contracting dysentery don’t seem a good enough reason to not go…

Light, the Universe and Everything

And finally (for there has to be an ‘and finally’). Have you ever wanted to read Einstein’s special theory of relativity expressed in terms of Lewis Hamilton screaming up the Kemmel Straight? No, we hadn’t either – but The Guardian has somebody possibly as clever as Adrian Newey doing precisely that

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