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Taddy Blazusiak gets ready to hit the strip at Las Vegas for the big curtain raiser of the Endurocross season…

I’ve had a great couple of days at KTM’s base in California and now I’m travelling over to Las Vegas for the first race of the new Endurocross season.

We’ve had the chance to carry on with some testing and everything is ready to go. It’s been a while since I’ve been over to the States, so it’s been fun to catch up with all the guys I work with during the season. It’s been cool to see all my buddies over here and to get everything sorted with the new bike. Getting the new bike in race condition always takes time but at the end of a busy week I’m feeling good about this weekend.

I did have a slight problem in my preparation while I was back in Europe after I picked up the flu. This cut into my training time for about a week but, luckily, I shook it off and I'm feeling back to my best now.

'I'm confident of what to expect when I get to Vegas.'

I’ve raced in Vegas a couple of times now so I’m confident of what to expect when I get there. The one thing that could spring a surprise is seeing how the other racers are doing. It’s been a while since I’ve gone up against these guys after winning the title last year and I’m sure they’ve all been working hard to improve in the off-season.

Another thing that has got me pumped for the weekend is having another chance to ride in front of the big crowds. I like to put on a show for the fans and I’m planning on racing hard out there.

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Today is all about getting up to Vegas where there will be an autograph session at the local KTM dealership. Then Friday is race day. At noon, they open the arena and the riders are invited to check out the track but only from the stands. Two hours after that we have the track walk, this is when we pace around the circuit and figure some stuff for the race.

After the track walk, we start the practice session when all the riders get out there for two five-minute practices. Then we start the timed hot-lap sessions, this when things get really serious. You need a good time here because the rider with the best time gets to choose their starting position for the qualifying. The best two guys from qualifying then proceed straight to the main race. The main event itself is 10 laps of flat-out fun.

I'm hoping for a good ride and result to kick off a long year. This season starts and ends in Vegas, so in a few months' time hopefully I’ll be celebrating another championship victory here.

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