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Taddy Blazusiak is on course to claim the Enduro Indoor World Championship title in Barcelona this weekend. The biker who can’t stop winning talks about his plans for the title deciding race. Taddy also pays tribute to his friend Mika Ahola.

It’s been a really crazy SuperEnduro season so far. The last race we had was in Poland so I had loads of support for my home race. I don’t live in Poland anymore but the fans let me know that they had not forgotten about me. Now we finish the season in Barcelona and I spend my winters training in Catalonia so this is like another local event for me. I know that Iván (Cervantes) will have lots of support in Barcelona because he was born there but I’m just grateful to be able to bring along some friends and family to watch me race.

'Nothing will be easy, it never is when you’re chasing the World Championship'

I know what I have to do to pick up the World Championship title in Barcelona. My results so far this season have shown that I have the speed to finish the job. I’m feeling fit and my KTM bike is a dream to ride so all the bits of the puzzle are falling into place. I have a pretty strong lead in the championship heading into this final race so I just need to make sure I can stay on two wheels. I’m confident ahead of the race but I also know nothing will be easy, it never is when you’re chasing the World Championship.  

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My riding style is not about being conservative because I prefer to ride hard and give 100% of myself in every race. I’m in the lead due to the fact I race to win so just because I only need a few points to secure the title I don’t think I should adjust my style. To be honest I think the best tactic for this race would be for me to forget about the points tally and just race my natural way.

One thing about this season that has inspired me to race as fast as I can is other riders seeing me now as the guy to beat. Now I’m being chased and there’s nobody in front of me to follow. This change in circumstances has really sharpened my concentration because I know any mistake I make will be taken advantage of by the other guys.

Whatever the result in Barcelona it will be an emotional weekend because of the recent passing of my friend Mika Ahola. I knew Mika really well, we were training partners as well as racing against each other so many times. When I heard what happened to him I was destroyed, I didn’t even want to look at my bike. Mika was firstly a great person and secondly a great champion in our sport. I will be wearing Mika’s race number when I ride this weekend.

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