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Name: Taddy Blazusiak
Nationality: Poland
Date of birth: April 26, 1983
Discipline: Extreme Enduro
Debut: Trials 1999
Enduro debut: Erzberg Rodeo 2007 - Winner

For most Hard Enduro riders the decision to take on the physical challenges of the discipline mean a ton of hard work, preparation and determination before even attempting one of the major events. For Taddy Blazusiak it just seemed like fun.

As with most top Enduro riders the Pole made his name in Trial riding. His early career saw him finish second in the 2003 Trial Junior World Championship and the following year he claimed the European Trial Championship crown. There was further progress over the next couple of years and it looked like Taddy would become a fixture on Trial competition podiums around the world.

But in 2007 Blazusiak made the seemingly innocuous decision that would go on to define his future. Seeking a fresh diversion he decided, on a whim, to try his hand at Enduro and not being a man to do things by half he stuck his name down for the toughest event of the lot – the Erzberg Rodeo. On the surface it seemed like a purely temporary distraction from the serious business of Trial riding but when, on a borrowed bike and with little preparation, he blitzed the competition and walked away with the 2007 Erzberg title, it became abundantly clear that, almost by accident, Taddy had found his calling.

Based on his astonishing Erzberg performance, bike manufacturer KTM quickly signed him up to a deal and since 2007 he has become a huge star in Enduro, particularly in the US, where he’s notched three AMA Endurocross titles. Indeed 2011 was an almost perfect season for Blazusiak, as he won all eight main events over the series’ seven rounds, including notching a gold medal in the Enduro X competition at X Games 17, which made up one of the early championship rounds.  

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In tandem with his Endurocross success, Blazusiak has become a major force in Hard Enduro and with five straight Erzberg Rodeo victories, two Hell’s Gate titles and a win at the 2009 Tough One event in the UK to his credit, the rider from Krakow has established himself as a formidable competitor and one the sport’s true stars of the future.

Just shy of his 29th birthday Taddy heads into the 2012 season as perhaps the rider best placed to achieve domination over the coming seasons. Not bad for a rider who came into the sport ‘just for fun’.

Fast Fact: At the 2011 AMA championship Blazusiak’s winning marging at the head of the standings was one point shy of double the 35-point spread that covered his four closest challengers!

Quote: “My riding style is not about being conservative. Everything is just clicking for me. I’m the right guy, in the right place at the right time.”

Visit Taddy’s official website at: www.blazusiak.com

Video: Taddy wins the Enduro X competition at X Games 17






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