Red Bull Flugtag Moscow © Jörg Mitter/Red Bull Photofiles

It's been nearly a decade since the first human powered flying machine plunged over the Red Bull Flugtag platform. So it's only fitting that we take a look back and remember the best of the best of all those fearless machines.

With a Flugtag-filled decade of flight above the Red Bull flight deck under our red belts (what other color would they be) we’ve compiled quite the archive of human powered flying machines. And what better time than now to compile a top 10 list of the strangest (read: awesomest!) craft to partake in the Flugtag in the last 10 years. Now without further ado, or Paul Shaffer drumroll (damn music licenses!) we give you our list of Flugtag’s Top 10 Strangest Human Powered Flying Machines.


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #10

According to our favourite Babelling Fish, “Fliegender Stammtisch” means “Flying table reserved for regulars” but to us it means steaming bowl of Win with a side order of Loving it! This would have ranked higher if everyone at the table was a living, breathing Fliegender team member, but then someone’s gotta push this thing off the deck.

Location: Brigittenauer Bucht, Vienna, Austria
Date: Sept 21, 2008
Team: Fliegender Stammtisch
Photographer: Jörg Mitter

Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #9

This is a most appropriate craft for two reasons. First, the introduction of FaceTime has thrust the time-honored tradition of the drunk dial firmly into the 21st century, disturbing images and all. Secondly, everyone knows the iPhone possesses much greater properties of lift than that chunky iPad. At least the Drunk Dialers didn’t launch their craft with a comically oversized left hand, the reception would have been terrible.

Location: Bayfront Park, Miami, FL, USA
Date: July 10, 2010
Team: The Drunk Dialers
Photographer: Garth Milan


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #8

Roll 'em up! If we were going to choose a craft to launch from the Flugtag flight deck we couldn’t think of anything more fitting than a Wagon Queen Family Truckster in Metallic Pea. We’d be willing to bet that Clark jumped that thing 50 yards, which is nothing to be proud of Rusty. No news as to whether Ellen broke her nose or if Rusty stabbed his brain upon impact. Now, who wants to go to Wally World?

Location: Harriet Island, Twin Cities, MN, USA
Date: July 24, 2010
Team: Team Griswold
Photographer: Chris Tedesco


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #7

Take a look at the bright red orb of promise plummeting before it even had a chance to soar. So much talent, so many possibilities all going down in a ball of flames while the team could only stand by and watch helplessly. Enough with the off-season updates doesn’t that Flugtag craft look wacky? Miami must have been going crazy from the Heat!

Location: Bayfront Park, Miami, FL, USA
Date: July 10, 2010
Team: Team Heat
Photographer: Chris Tedesco


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #6

Anyone can send a big ball crashing to the depths below (see: Team Heat) but it takes a special brand of hooligan to punt a giant soccer ball from the deck with a an equally giant boot – complete with matching wings! And for this, Team EM-Wuchtl we salute you with two yellow cards up in a Z formation.

Location: Brigittenauer Bucht, Vienna, Austria
Date: Sept 21, 2008
Team: EM-Wuchtl
Photographer: Jürgen Skarwan


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #5

We have no idea what this team is called, or what their craft looks like. Or, for that matter, if they even have a craft at all. Once we saw this picture, nothing else mattered. Judging by their costumes alone we are left with no doubt at all as to the sheer strangeness of their human powered flying machine. The actual design, feel, and glide characteristics of your craft are all secondary when your pilot is dressed as a giant vegetable. 

Location: Obolon, Kiev, Ukraine
Date: June 19, 2010
Team: Unknown
Photographer: Jörg Mitter


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #4

In the category of Strangeness Team WTF may as well stand for, “Win, Triumph, Flugtag.” Check it out – guys in see-through green tights… and tutus! Let’s not forget the obligatory fine dime breezy of the Latvian variety in order to help the guys salvage what little masculinity they have left. And finally, there’s the craft itself – what a piece of crap. Seriously, we’re not talking about the craftsmanship here; it literally looks like crap. Wow. Just… wow.

Location: Riga, Latvia
Date: August 31, 2008
Team: "WTF" flying machine "Cheburashka"
Photographer: Lukas Nazdraczew


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #3

Team Falkor’s winged dog is certainly a strange-looking craft. That it’s covered in some sort of whipped foamy substance is stranger still. But the fact that an Israeli Indian warrior piloted this flying machine makes it strange with a capital Psych Ward.

Location: Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv, Israel
Date: September 9, 2005
Team: Falkor
Photographer: Koko


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #2

Normally we expect a bunch of dudes – and one very hot Brazilian chica – to show up to a Flugtag dressed as chickens with one frighteningly oversized chicken in tow. But when they back said chicken to the edge of the flight deck and launch one of the chicken people from its butt while inside of an egg straddled atop a BMX bike then and only then do you have our respect, and also one of the weirdest human powered flying machines ever.

Location: Parque Ecologico do Tiete, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: August 15, 2010
Team: Le Chicken Team
Photographer: Marcelo Maragni


Top 10 Flugtag Crafts Ever, #1

What makes the team of Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies so strange as to earn the top spot of our list? All the standard Flugtag fare is there: detachable glider design, men dressed in drag, lustworthy ladies and the comedic team theme. The thing that makes this craft stranger than all the rest is that it’s a human powered flying machine that actually flew – 207 feet – into the Flugtag record books as the longest flight ever. And that’s the strangest thing we ever saw.

Location: Harriet Island, Twin Cities, MN, USA
Date: July 24, 2010
Team: Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies
Photographer: Garth Milan




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