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We take a look at the best Formula 1 applications available for download, so you can either keep up to date with this weekend's Italian Grand Prix or take the place of the drivers on the track...

Formula 2011

This official application is available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and J2ME for free and contains all of the data and information that you could possibly need. This season's update includes push notifications so you'll never miss a race.

Maxis Formula12011

Weighing in with a healthy amount of top marks in the app reviews is the Lotus Racing app, which performs a very similar function to the official one above and gives push alerts for top 10 race positions, final practice/qualifying and race results, latest team and constructor standings and race schedule countdown alerts. It's also free and available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

F1 News 2011

Coming in the highest in terms of five star ratings, is another free unofficial application, F1 News 2011, which combines sources, Tweets, track conditions, championship standings & calendar along with individual track, driver and constructor listings. There's also a paid-for version, which is ad free and a HD version which costs £1.49  

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Red Bull Racing Challenge

If you've had your fill of stats, results, championship standings, etc and fancy your chances in the hotseat as normally occupied by the F1 drivers, you could do worse than download either the lite or full versions of Red Bull Racing Challenge. The £1.49 full version allows you to race around six different circuits, test your reaction time with the in-game pit stop challenge, race against mates, and post results on Facebook and Twitter.

BMW Sauber F1 Team Racing

One of the highest user rated F1 racing apps out there is BMW Sauber F1 Team Racing, which sees you take the place of drivers Nick Heidfeld or Robert Kubica (yes, I know, it was first out in 2009) and fire round the track using KERS on one of eight tracks (on the full paid-for version, which is £1.49) and try and win the world championship for BMW Sauber – a tall order indeed. The game is enjoyable and addictive and there are all sorts of extras, such as engineering mode, where you can adjust the car's set up and if you get bored of the track, there's donut mode as well.

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