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Sebastian Vettel is back on home soil for the German F1 Grand Prix and he found time to update his blog following Saturday's qualifying in which he secured a third placed position on the grid.

Hi guys!

The third place in qualifying wasn't perfect, but I'm actually not unhappy with it. After all, it went better than in our first practice and that shows that we made some progress. Our car was already good on Friday, but I had a hard time getting into the racing itself and reaching my favoured time. So we took our time and talked about the things that weren't perfect at the time and found some solutions. Right now the car is doing great and we're all satisfied.

Today was just extremely tight. Everyone was really close together so I don't think that I have to worry too much about the race itself. Sure I'd rather be in front, but from what I know of this track, a lot of things can happen here. So I'll just give my very best and attack right from the start and get into the first turn at the right time.

'I will enjoy any weather, as long as we win'

From now on we're not allowed to change anything on the car, but I'll take some time to check the numbers and statistics again, just to be on the safe side. One quick thing about the weather. I can't really say which weather I would prefer. Sure, a little rain would be nice, but in general I will enjoy any weather, as long as we win.

Even if my qualifying wasn't perfect, there luckily was one thing that was perfect – the amazing people in the stands. I can't really describe how it feels to pass all these German flags and foam material fingers. It's definitely something special for us drivers and we enjoy it a lot. I just want to thank everyone who came out on this day and I promise that we will continue to give our best on Sunday.

Talk to you later!


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