The world's 21 best parkour and freerunning athletes will head to Santorini island (Greece) on Saturday, September 29 2012, to compete at “Red Bull Art of Motion”, the world's first and ultimate parkour competition. The edgy caldera, the ancient and active volcano, a famous sunset and thousands of traditional white rooftops will provide a unique backdrop.

The athletes will be competing on the world’s most “natural” parkour, rising to the challenge of completing the course while performing their most stylish and most fluent tricks. They will be trying to impress the 4 judges using their fluidity, creativity, style and execution and aiming to advance to the finals.

“Free Running is all about passion; it’s a way of life. There’s hardly an obstacle that I can’t get over – or at least try to get over,“ said Jason Paul (GER) at the warm-up-session on thursday afternoon.

In the competition format on Saturday, the top 8 will aim for perfection in getting over the ‘all-natural’ obstacles - curves, gaps and walls. They will be performing amazing flips, dive rolls, aerial twists and hard drops with one simple goal: cover the distance from the start to finish line as stylish as possible in the hopes of getting on the podium.

The final list of participants will include the top performers of last season, the winners of an qualifier and the three winners of Red Bull Natural - a competition that took place earlier this year in Switzerland.

“I am very excited to return to Santorini. After wondering around the world in the last 9 month, meeting such great destinations and cultures, I could not think of any better place to finish my journey!” says superstar Ryan Doyle (GBR).

Red Bull Art of Motion will be streamed live (15.30 CET) via www.redbull.tv

Athletes Santorini 2012:
Leroux Yoann (France), Gustafsson Marcus (Sweden), Paul Jason (Germany), Felix Andersen Pip (UK), McKeever Willis Cai (UK), Petkuns Pavels (Latvia), Doyle Ryan (UK), Graham Shieff (UK), Paulo Victor (Brazil), Madrid Erica Nicole (US), Zyulev Alexander (Russia), Forster Pamela (Austria), Alkmin Luis (Portugal), Romberg, Luci (US), Petins Slava (Latvia), Peveril Alexander (Switzerland), Yadon Joshua (US), Stergios Doumanis (Greece), Cory DeMeyers (USA), Kevin Fluri (SUI), Andrej Lisal (AUS)



General information for the QUALIFIER participants:

Private Villa Santorini (Imerovigli, Santorini), www.santorinivv.com


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Registration Time:
11:00a.m-13:00 pm strictly.

Track Open for training:

Red Bull Art of Motion Santorini 2012 Open Qualifier:

16:00 pm


Qualifier Event format

The qualifier will follow the general Red Bull Art of Motion event format: Each participant will get a 1 minute (60 seconds) time to complete a run in the given track, which is the same for all participants.

Each run will be “judged” under the following criteria:

·    Creativity
·    Flow
·    Difficulty
·    Execution

One “turn” for each participant will be allowed initially, with the best 8 (out of the total participants) to go ahead and re-compete (same criteria) for the first 3 positions.

Participants will have to be above 18 years old to be allowed participation. Underage participants will not be accepted.


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