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Glen Helen Raceway, USA - Google Earth

Red Bull X-Fighters returns to U.S. soil after a two-year break and will host the second stop of the World Tour.  The Historic Fort Worth Stockyards in Texas have hosted the event twice in the past, but the 2012 stop will bring the most-progressive freestyle motocross series to the home of FMX with its stop in Southern California.

The iconic motocross track became famous back in 1985 with several sand drag and motocross events and has also been a regular stop of the U.S. Pro Motocross Championships.  With its rich motocross history, Glen Helen is an ideal venue for the Southern California premiere of Red Bull X-Fighters.  The event will feature a uniquely massive course, giving the world's best riders multiple opportunities to impress the judges and thrill the crowd in their runs.

Glen Helen Raceway is located North of San Bernardino in the area of Devore. This area is against a great mountain side in which Glen Helen Raceway has created it raceway facility, of 256 acres. Glen Helen is on county property and shares its large area with other county facilities, Glen Helen Regional Parks, Block Buster Pavilion and the Sheriff Training Center.

Glen Helen Raceway started its fame back in 1985, it had several Sand Drag events, Off Road events and Motocross events. In 1991 Glen Helen Raceway hosted its first major event, the United States World Championship Motocross and again in 1992. With these two events added to the Glen Helen Raceway venue it was the beginning of a growing and nationally known track.

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