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Augusto started skateboarding more than 10 years ago when he was living in Austria, when he was 11 years old in Vienna City. He was born in Bolivia and he had old skateboards, but he didn't know how to stand on it. In Vienna he entered the skating world and used it as transportation. Nowadays he really enjoy skating with people in Santa Cruz, where he lives, because it's always hot and he can skate all year. Even though they get kicked out of many places in the city and there ar no skate parks, they find the way to practice their favorite sports and improve the level.

What he doesn't like are injuries because 3 years ago he almost had to quit skateboard because of one. What he likes the most about the sport are the feelings, the adrenaline when he's about to achieve a trick or when he's practicing for hours and succeed. He practices manuals and it's his favorite skate modality.

It's an honor to represent my country in this important international contest. I love to skate and it's awesome that there's a competition about manuals. I've never been in NYC so I'm really willing to go there and represent Bolivia as well.