Red Bull Crashed Ice Shuttles

Bart Van Roosmalen


Why have you chosen to compete in Red Bull Crashed Ice?
The speed and wild chases attracted me the most.

Which skill do you most need to be successful?

How will you be preparing for this year’s World Championship?
I play ice-hockey and also train every day in the gym, on and off the ice. The rest is a secret!

Which event are you most looking forward to and why?
I'm looking forward to the competition in the Netherlands! Red Bull Crashed Ice in your own country is just too cool! A wonderful location and many famous friends and hockey players who will come and watch me on the track!

Is there anyone you would particularly like to beat?
No, not really so far. My goal is again to end up in the top 15 but the top eight is my real wish.

What is your favourite sport and why?
Crashed Ice and also a good game of hockey is still fun! In both sports you need many skills that I don’t see in other sports. That's what makes these sports so unique.

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Place of Birth: Utrecht
Current Residence: Utrecht
Nationality: Dutch
Profession: Personal trainer at own company 'Peak Time Personal Training'