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Brahim  (Dance)


For you, breakdance personally is: My life.
The way you discovered dancing for you: I saw people dancing on the streets.
Your inspiration: My crew is my inspiration.
Your dancing styles: B-Boying and house.
Your favourite move: I like to create my own moves, something different to others.
Your greatest successes: Several times world champion.
A place where you always wanted to dance: On stages everywhere around the world.
For you, Red Bull Flying Bach is: A great show.
Your preparation prior to the show: Stretching and listening to music.
Your rituals: To concentrate.
Your music choice for preparation time: House, Hip-Hop, and Reggae.
Your relation to classical music before Red Bull Flying Bach: I already did a solo show to the music of Claude Debussy.
And afterwards: I don’t know, it´s not finished yet.
Somebody you would like to see in the audience: Every kind of person who likes our dancing style.
The time you are not dancing: I’m on holiday and go to see my family.
Your characteristics: Athletic.
Your motto: Don’t stress yourself, everything is possible.
Your perfect day: To wake up, having a nice breakfast, nice weather, go practice, go back home after and chill with my wife and watch good movies.
Your hobbies: Listening to music.
Your favourite music: Everything is nice for me.
Artists that inspire you: I don’t have an idol.
Something more, we have to know about you: I’m special.

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– The International –
It all started in France, ten years ago. With his crew Pockemon, the boy from Lyon first introduced his incomparable dance style, which soon found its way into the world. Boosted by his flexibility and his wide range of signature moves, Brahim made it to festivals and TV shows all over the globe. He recently danced for the launch of Madonna’s and her daughters’ fashion line “Material Girl”.