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Maikel Melero 


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Maikel Melero's Details

About Maikel Melero


Bike: KTM SX 250

FMX since: 2005


Young Bull

Maikel Melero is a talented FMX rider from Spain with a bright future. He was only 10 years old when he started to ride motorcycles. Already at a young age he participated several times in the Spanish MotoCross Championship, where he finally got a well-deserved third place in the 85cc category. This was also the time when he first met Dany Torres, one of the top Spanish FMX champions. The two became close friends and Melero learned a lot from his talented role model.

When he was 17, Torres took him under his wings and offered him the chance to try out the FMX compound. This opportunity kick-started Maikel’s FMX career – he was fascinated by the rush of adrenaline performing such insane jumps. Apart from getting his own training in, Melero was able to watch Torres practicing and study the master’s technique.

Not long after that he built his own compound where he trains hard every day. Nevertheless, the young gun can still be seen at Torres’s compound from time to time, taking advantage of the useful tips in order to get the biggest new trick combos dialed in.

2011 was a strong year for Maikel’s young international career with a solid overall fourth on the IFMXF series and getting invited to four Red Bull X-Fighters Events, where he was 10th overall. With back-to-back fourth and fifth places in Madrid and Poznan, the young Spaniard gave FMX fans a taste of his potential. In 2012 Melero managed to grab a podium spot in Las Ventas as a personal highlight, but on the two others stops he was plagued by bad luck and little crashes - thus unable to ride with his full potential. Melero was nevertheless up to 8th overall. Talk has it that the ambitious rookie has worked extremely hard during the off-season both on and off the bike in the hopes of having a breakthrough year in 2013.


Career Highlights

• 6th, IFMXF World Cup Berlin, Germany
• 3rd, IFMXF World Cup Turin, Italy
• 2nd, IFMXF World Cup Turin, Italy

• 10th, Overall Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour
• 4th, Overall IFMXF World Cup
• 7th, Red Bull X-Fighters Sydney, Australia
• 5th, Red Bull X-Fighters Poznan, Poland
• 4th, Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, Spain
• 10th, Red Bull X-Fighters Rome, Italy
• 3rd, IFMXF World Cup Sofia, Bulgaria
• 3rd, IFMXF World Cup Penza, Russia
• 3rd, X-Knights Costa Rica
• 4th, Zurich, Switzerland

• 8th, Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, Spain
• Several podiums in Spanish Freestyle Events
• Freestyle demos in France & Russia

• 3 titles at Andalusian Championship (South of Spain)
• 1 title at Spanish Championship



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