Red Bull Crashed Ice Shuttles

Gabriel Andre


Why did you first decide to compete?
Because of peer pressure!

When and where have you competed?
I have been competing in Quebec since 2006.

What skills will help you the most at ice cross downhill?
My skating skills

Do you have a hockey/ice hockey background?

What is your favourite sport and why?
Ice hockey and rugby, because both are physically demanding sports

What is your greatest sporting achievement?
I've won the Red Bull Crashed Ice Quebec and a championship in Australia in their hockey league

One thing we should definitely know about you?
I work hard and never give up

How many broken bones have you had?
One or two over the years

Who is your idol?
Kevin Olsen

The most important thing in your life:

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Place of Birth: Edmonton
Current Residence:
Nationality: Canadian (German-Hungarian)