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Josh Sheehan


Josh Sheehan Feed

Josh's Details

About Josh


Bike: Honda CRF 450

FMX since: 2007


Aussie Ruler

Brought up on a farm in the Australian town of Donnybrook, Josh Sheenan got his first bike to play around on at the age of 14. By the time he was of 16 he was totally hooked on riding and progressed from C-grade to A-grade in MX in just one year. One year later he started to ride more and more FMX with his mates and, in early 2007, the West Oz-native entered his first FMX competition. Despite crashing out of the comp, Josh knew he had the skills to progress and do better in the future.
Healed up and with a few new tricks in his bag, he entered the Narrogin Revheads the same year and finished third.

Proof, if any was needed, of the 26-year-old’s talent was provided in 2008 when he won the AFMX round during the Brisbane Super X, beating the likes of Kain Saul, Cam Sinclair and Levi Sherwood as he blew the competition and the crowd away during his run with the biggest Ruler Flip ever performed.

After his huge win, “Sheeny” was chosen to join the Crusty Tour in New Zealand, but an injury suffered as a result of a workplace accident forced him out.
Unknown to the international FMX scene, Josh set a further benchmark in his young career when he became the first rider in the world to Ruler Flip a 450 four-stroke bike.

Sheenhan is today one of the freshest and biggest talents to emerge from Australia in a long time and was all fired up giving his long-awaited international debut at the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour finale in Rome placing 8th.

After a few impressive victories on the Night of the Jumps series, Josh entered the 2011 Rome stop with and wildcard and was able to grab his first Red Bull X-Fighters podium. The 3rd place in Stadio Olympico ensured him a start at the most prestigious FMX event in Madrid and another 3rd place with the chance to perform even better on home-soil for the Tourfinal in Sydney. Sheeny did not disappoint his fans, sticked Double Backflips in every round and took a well deserved victory home to grab an overall 4th place and a save ticket for the 2012 season.

The 2013 season started for Sheeny in Dubai as 2012 ended. The Honda rider barely missed the podium and ended up on 4th place.
Back home working on new tricks for the next event, Josh hurt himself and was not able to ride for the most of the season. In September the Double-Flipper used 2 Events of the Night of the Jumps Championships to get back in Contest mode for the upcoming event in Sydney.
The competition on home soil did not end with a victory, as in the year before, but coming up 3rd, just back from an injury is more than impressive, if you consider the extraordinary performance of his rivals.

You can be sure the “Aussie Ruler“ is looking forward to take his chances as he did in the previous season & impress the crowds around the world with his gnarly Double Backflips.

Career Highlights

• 9th, Red Bull X-Fighters Overall
• 3rd, Red Bull X-Fighters Sydney
• 4th, Red Bull X-Fighters Dubai
• 4th, Night of the Jumps, China

• 1st, New Zealand Farm Jam
• 4th, Red Bull X-Fighters Overall
• 1st, Red Bull X-Fighters Sydney, Australia
• 3rd, X-Games 17 Best Trick L.A., USA
• 3rd, Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, Spain
• 1st, Night of the Jumps Penza, Russia
• 3rd, Red Bull X-Fighters Rome, Italy
• 1st, Night of the Jumps Munich, Germany
• 1st, Night of the Jumps Hamburg, Germany
• 1st, Night of the Jumps Basel, Switzerland

• 8th, Red Bull X-Fighters Rome, Italy

• 2nd, Narrogin Revheads - Australia

• 1st, AFMX Contest Brisbane - Australia
• 3rd, Narrogin Revheads - Australia
• 2nd, South OZ FMX Champs - Australia

• 3rd, Narrogin Revheads



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