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... my dad took me out to try alpine skis I was about 5 years old. He brought me to a small hill outside Oslo and was about to start teaching me how to make a plow turn. I explained my dad that I needed no help, I already knew this, I had seen it on TV. I set off down the slope, and to nobody’s surprise I could not turn or brake, so my journey ended hard in the walls of the lift-house in the bottom of the hill.

I guess this stubbornness and strong belief in my capability in managing things on my own has followed me, both in good and bad, ever since. I continued my skiing every weekend and holiday ever since, and I have now learned to both brake and make turns.

I got my first contract as a freeskier in 92. Today I am fortunate to live my life traveling the world doing the two sports I love the most; freeskiing and BASE jumping!
Like every kids dream, I also dreamt about being able to fly! I looked at the birds as the most untouchable creatures in the nature. How they could just let go into the air, play with the winds and then just fly away. Instead of letting this dream pass like most unreachable plans, I made this dream my life. Today I can jump of Buildings, Antennas, Spans and Earth with my parachute and also fly with my wingsuit, -just like the bird!

As there are not many girls doing these sports and not many people actually believed in me taking my dream to a serious level, I made sure I had an education before I started living my dream. I studied computer science for 3 years and worked for a while with computer programming to earn money to travel out in the world to start living.
When I am out traveling the world today I have a lot of people supporting me. Except from my friends who help me more than they will ever understand, I have Red Bull, The North Face, Gore, Dynastar, Smith, Sweet and Volvo, who all make sure I have the best equipment for any occasion.


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On August 20, 2006, Karina Hollekim jumped from a plane in a routine demonstration skydive. Her parachute failed and she hit the ground at over 100 km/h, resulting in 21 open fractures in her right leg and the loss of more than three litres of blood. But, miraculously, she had survived. Karina set off on a long and arduous journey to recovery. In the years before her accident Hollekim jumped off some of the highest buildings and skied down some of the steepest mountains in the world, becoming the first woman to complete a ski BASE jump. As she continues to recover, Karina inspires people as a motivational speaker. Her biographical film, 20 Seconds of Joy, won the Best Film on Mountain Sports and People’s Choice awards at the 2007 Banff Mountain Film Festival.