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Levi Sherwood


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Levi's Details

About Levi


Bike: KTM SX 250

FMX since: 2002


Kiwi on a Mission

Levi Sherwood, the 2012 world tour champion, grew up on two wheels and has spent the last 18 years following in the footsteps of his father Dave Sherwood, a professional speedway racer, on the way to establishing himself as the rising star of the international FMX scene. Initially set on a path in MX racing, it didn't take Levi long to realize that he loved jumping and learning new tricks. Although he still races the occasional MX and SX for fun, FMX is where the 23-year-old’s heart and soul is.

Having competed on the Crusty Tour and competed in national events in his native New Zealand and neighbouring Australia for several years, Sherwood used his international debut at the Red Bull X-Fighters in Mexico City to show that he is yet another wonder from Down Under by rocking up with a wildcard and winning the main event! A starting place for the following Red Bull X-Fighters event in Calgary followed – and the rest is history. Despite not being able to repeat his debut win, Sherwood established himself as one of the top riders on the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2009 with solid performances and outrageous tricks.

His sixth place in the overall standings 2009 got him qualified for the 2010 season and Sherwood was one of the five guys battling for the championship that year. Everything seemed to work in Sherwood´s favor with a win in Moscow, a silver medal at X-Games and another victory in London but then he crashed badly at the ASA World Championships of FMX in Pamona, California. The injuries forced him out of the final battle in Rome and forced him to watch the Red Bull X-Fighters Tour Final on TV. After a few months of recovery Sherwood got back on his bike at the end of 2010 to train for the upcoming 2011 Nitro Circus Tour in New Zealand, which was a good event training to get serious again in Dubai for the season opener. Winning the Swatch Best Move that night and a getting a strong fifth demonstrated that Sherwood was getting back his good form. The most impressive performance was a fourth place in Brazil without any upside-down trick in his runs.

Due to injury Sherwood was not to able to ride all the stops of the 2011 tour, but the strong-willed Kiwi came back for the Sydney final and in his usual relaxed manner ended up second. After a few ups and downs in the last two years Sherwood had the best season of his career in 2012. He won 3 Red Bull X-Fighters events with a smooth and polished style and after a tight down-to-the-wire battle with Frenchman Thomas Pages, Sherwood was crowned winner of the 2012 tour in Sydney after beating Pages in thrilling showdown in the final.

Sherwood used the off-season to remove some metal from his body. While recovering he spent many in a bulldozer working on his park in New Zealand, where he aims to have the best place to train for 2013 season.


Career Highlights

• Red Bull X-Fighters Tour Champion 2012
• 1st, Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Sydney, Australia
• 6th, Red Bull X-Fighters Munich, Germany
• 1st, Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, Spain
• 2nd, X-Games 18 Moto X Freestyle, USA
• 7th, Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen, USA
• 1st, Red Bull X-Fighters Dubai, UAE

• 7th, Overall Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour
• 2nd, Red Bull X-Fighters Sydney, Australia
• 4th, Red Bull X-Fighters Brasilia, Brazil
• 5th, Red Bull X-Fighters Dubai, UAE

• 4th, Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour
• 1st, Red Bull X-Fighters London, UK
• 2nd, X-Games 16 Moto X Freestyle
• 5th, X-Games 16 Best Trick
• 5th, Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid, Spain
• 1st, Red Bull X-Fighters Moscow, Russia
• 5th, Red Bull X-Fighters Giza, Egypt
• 7th, Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico City, Mexico

• 6th, Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour
• 2nd, Red Bull X-Fighters London, UK
• 7th, Red Bull X-Fighters Calgary, Canada
• 1st, Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico City, Mexico

• 2nd, Australasian FMX Champs Overall, Australia
• 3rd, Australasian FMX Champs Adelaide, Australia
• 1st, Australasian FMX Champs Geelong, Australia
• 1st, Australasian FMX Champs Paramatta, Australia
• 1st, Western Australian FMX Champs Perth,Australia
• 1st, Australasian FMX Champs Townsville, Australia

• 3rd, Freestyle Sports Open, New Zealand
• 1st, Demon Gravity Games Big Air, New Zealand