Lilou is from Lyon France, but as a Muslim of Algerian descent, he is far from a typical Frenchman. Somewhat of a provacteur, when competing, Lilou often wears a shirt that reads “I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic.“ But at his heart, this two time world champion is a family man. Recently married, he wonders if someday he might have a simple family life away from breakdancing. But on a trip to Algeria meant to be a break from the breakdancing world, he realizes what his success as a B-boy means - not just to him, but to his country. He decides he can’t quit until he gets that third world championship.

Ali Ramdani – Lilou’s real name is Ali Ramdani, but his family used to call him Alilou which then became shortened to Lilou.
Immigrant – although he now lives in France, he considers himself an ‘immigrant’ due to his Algerian roots. He lives in a Ghetto in Lyon where 80% of the inhabitants are immigrants.
Moonwalk – he has been dancing since he was twelve years old. His older brother taught him the moonwalk and later he started to dance with an old-skool B-Boy who lived in his hood.
Style – he has a unique dance style and an engaging stage presence, being vicious, but humorous as well. He perfectly combines the new style of “flexible moves” with classic footwork and power moves. The audience loves him.
Underdog – in his first year competing in 2005 in Berlin, he was the underdog, but then he took the championship.
Polarizing – the winner’s belt, he received for winning the championship 2005 was supposed to be a challenge trophy to be handed over to the the next winner the following year. Lilou refused to give it back, unfazed by the threat of never beeing invited to the championship again.
Winner – he is one of the most popular B-Boys in the world and the only 2-times world champion by winning the Red Bull BC One twice.
Determination – for Lilou this is the most important asset of a B-Boy – not only in a battle but in everday practice and in the whole lifestyle: ‘Find out what you want and then go and get it, no matter what!’
Black belt – he has had a black belt in Kung Fu since he was sixteen years old. The Kung Fu mentality helped with his breaking: ‘Just like in Kung Fu, you have to anticipate the move your opponent is going to come out with and you’d better have an answer to that.’
Judging – he was one of the judges for the Red Bull BC One: ‘A B-Boy has to be complete, he has to have knowledge and charisma. He has to work everything and make it his own – the powermoves, footwork, freezes and dancing on beat! You can practice everything, except charisma, and without charisma, you can’t win.’
Solidarity – he expresses individuality and solidarity with his brothers and sisters - who are facing great adversity - by sometimes performing with a ‘I’m Muslim Don’t Panic’-shirt or by wearing the keffiyeh.
Family man – Lilou has recently got married with Hanissa.

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Credo: “We are all different, unique, so don’t be a stereotype. If you dance with the capacity of your body and work hard, you can become perfect in your own way!”
Year of birth: 1984
Nationality: Algerian
Location: Lyon, France
Crew: Pockémon

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