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Martin Koren


Martin Koren XF Feed

Martin's Details

About Martin


Bike: KTM SX 250

FMX since: 2003



Martin grew up in the sunshine state of California. At 13, he moved back to Europe with his parents, where he started on his motocross mission. In 2003, he turned to FMX and never looked back. In the quest for competitions across Europe, he gradually broke into the IFMXF. Unfortunately in 2005 Martin suffered a serious back injury, breaking three vertebrae and shattering one completely. In 2006 he came back strong with his best result of fourth at the IFMXF in Cologne, Germany.

Beside riding Martin is a busy man, hosting the annual Horsefeathers FMX Jam in Prague and taking part in the production of many FMX events - not only in the Czech Republic. He’s been a member of FMX4EVER since 2007 and while taking care of the team´s merchandise and marketing, he is always pushing forward.

After taking part in a number of other Red Bull X-Fighters Jams around the globe, Martin had the chance to shine on the World Tour in Glen Helen. His debut at the Red Bull X-Fighters Event in Glen Helen in 2012 was special for the Czech rider, as his father had taken him to the racetrack years earlier when he was 9 years old to have his first ride on an real Moto-X track. In case Martin does not get a wildcard for any of the 2013 stops, you can be sure to see around the world at the Red Bull X-Fighters or on other big shows with his boys from the notorious FMX4EVER crew…

Career Highlights

• 11th, Red Bull X-Fighters Glen Helen, USA
• 5th, FIM Championship Basel, Switzerland
• 6th, FIM World Cup Munich, Germany

• 2nd, Czech Championship Karlovy Vary

• 2nd, Gladiator Games Prague, Czech Republic.

• 4th, FIM World Championships Cologne, Germany

• 1st, Nokia FMX Tel Aviv, Israel



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