Red Bull Crashed Ice Shuttles

Michal Prochazka


Why have you chosen to compete in Red Bull Crashed Ice?
Because I love adrenaline. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

Where and when have you competed before?
In Prague in 2009, Munich and Quebec in 2010 and at the four races in 2011

What is your best result/favourite memory?
The race and atmosphere is what I remember most.

What do you need to have to be successful?
I need to be stronger.

How will you be preparing for this year’s World Championship?
I go to the gym sometimes and I train a lot at home.

Which event are you most looking forward to and why?
For me it’s Quebec. It was a crazy track last year.

Is there anyone you would particularly like to beat?
Of course, all of them! I don’t have any problem with the riders.

What is your favourite sport and why?
Boardercross, ice hockey and jumping stilts.

Who is your sporting idol?
When I was small I liked Wayne Gretzky.

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Nickname: Prochy
Place of Birth: Teplice
Current Residence: Bilina
Nationality: Czech
Profession: Student