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I started skating when I was 14, in ‘het Zuidpark’ in Ghent, together with guys like Lennaert Thienpont, Saymour Lincoln, Kasper Coolens, Glenn Fasseur and Matthias Vandeweghe.
There was no particular reason except that I thought it was really cool. I played basketball in the same club as Saymour and Lennaert, and Saymour was also a class mate, and since they skated, I kind of picked it up from them. Later on I got inspired by Thierry aka Slick. I still skate together with him in ‘het Zuidpark’, and with guys like Victor Vanpuyvelde, Nick Steenbeke, Artjom Glushenco, Arthur Bultynck and Sven van Acker.

My skating heroes are Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Bastien Salabanzi, Stevo Deriviere , Daewon Song, Phil Zwijsen, Kevin Tshala.

My best skating memories are the 2005 Snickers World Championships in Rotterdam, for which I had won a wildcard. We were there with a lot of Belgians, and had some amazing times during the contest, but also in the hotel and at the after party. Good times! That was also the first time I met real pro skaters. Bastien Salabanzi won the contest that day, and I also saw the late Shane Cross skating. R.I.P Shane.

I also had amazing times at the Basel European Championship and the Amsterdamn AM, together with Phil, Tshala, Saymour, PJ, Fries,.. Best contest, best party and lots of great memories!

Another one I’ll never forget was my first skating trip to Barcelona with Rocco, Ivan, Sabri, Ides, Steve, Ilia, Guillaume and Matthias: sun, sea & skateboarding. Loved it!

I know there’s a lot of names in here, but that’s the way I remember all those moments: by remembering the names and who was there. Not the event, but the people being there is what makes a good memory.

Thx a lot, Red Bull, for making this happen!