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The key of Josef Ajram’s success is to have known from an early age what he wanted to do and what he didn’t want to do. He liked numbers so he found on the stock market his place. His other passion: sports, practiced since his childhood.

Josef Ajram Tares was born in Barcelona on April 5, 1978, from a Syrian father and a Spanish mother. He owes his paternal grandfather the introduction to cycling. He likes a few things but with intensity, including the stock market, sports and travel. He lives in an apartment in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, a place where things always happen. And you never know what will happen so his mobile phone is always on.

You could say that he is a lucky guy, but he feels that this is not necessarily associated with luck, relies more on discipline and on calculation rather than on chance.

In the stock market he is a day trader, pure vertigo and adrenaline. In sport, he tries the most demanding tests. They are two seemingly opposite worlds in which he lives extreme sensations that require dynamism and calculation for measuring capabilities and capacities.

He claims to be obsessive, when he is passionate about something he is the best at it. He Tries to keep strictly to this formula: eight hours to sleep, eight hours to work and the remaining eight for me.

When asked where is the limit his answer is that we must use up all resources to make dreams come true and that resignation is a trap we must not fall into. He risks every day, with ambitions and goals. His philosophy is not to win but to feel good about his performance. Enjoys more with trainings than with competitions. He likes challenges. He admires Julian Sanz (ultradistance bike), Kilian Jornet (mountain running), Marcel Zamora (five-time Ironman winner of Nice) and Serge Girard, because he has raced around the world making money from Paris to Tokyo.

Only in 2010 he has achieved Everis Tour Finisher (3.850km, 23 stages, 33,500 meters of accumulated positive slope) Raids Champion of Spain 2010, Team BUFF Thermocool; Finisher Titan Desert 2010, finishing it as the first participant in Single Speed and Finisher Marathon des Sables 2010, position 4 team (team Where is the limit?) and 64 overall. His plans for 2011: EPIC5, five Ironmans in 5 days in the 5 islands of Hawaii, to do the Ultraman UK and being the only Spanish and the first in history to have done the existing three. To make all raiding adventure you can with the team Buff / Thermocool and perform a unique challenge with RedBull.