Roxrite is one of the most accomplished B-boys in the history of the dance. He has won over 70 titles, but as he approaches 30, he is thinking less about competing and more about his legacy and the future generation of B-boying. The show will follow him as he travels around the country judging events and doing breakdance workshops, all the while trying to open up a B-boy school in his home town of San Diego. But at one event, something changes for Roxrite, and he realizes his time in the spotlight may not be over yet.

Omar O. Delgado Macias – this is the real name of Roxrite. He got his B-Boy name through his friend Ground Level, who thought that Omar always danced clean and as perfect as he could which meant, he “rocks right”.
USA – Roxrite was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. When he was six his family moved to the USA – to the land of opportunity. Instead of prosperity he and his family had to survive hardship and poverty, but on the other hand the U.S is also where Roxrite started dancing.
1995 – in this year Roxrite started breaking. He went to junior high school in California, where a lot of kids were breaking. One day the older kids did a show and Roxirte was deeply impressed. He went home and started practicing immediately.
Twist – Roxrite has a vast variety of moves: he has an almost unnatural ability to stick freeze combinations and he puts a unique twist on all his moves.
Titles –Roxrite won over 70 number one titles from all around the world, including over 20 one-on-one tournament victories and at the same time showing the experience and mastery of Roxrite.
Strategy – Roxrite is a strategic battle B-Boy. He takes everything into consideration from footwork to powermoves to freezes and has different strategies, depending on the situation – defensive or offensive.
Culture – Roxrite embraces the whole culture of hip hop because he feels that hip hop teaches you how to live a positive life. Breaking has always kept him focused through the ups and downs of life.
Toughness – Roxrite proved that he is a tough competitor. When he hurt his right elbow badly the day before the battle at the B1 Championships in Osaka, he competed there doing most of his moves left handed and…still won the battle.
Legacy – Roxrite’s goal is to pass his knowledge down to the next generation and to keep B-Boying alive. To build on his legacy, he aims to educate the next generation of B-Boys.
100 – Roxrite is aiming to win 100 tournaments. Therefore he would be the first.
Marisol Garcia – she is Roxrite’s girlfriend of 3-years and the most important person in his life.

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Credo: “Let’s keep B-Boying going! We are the future of this dance so let’s pass it down to the next generation!”
Year of birth: 1982
Nationality: Mexican
Location: San Diego, U.S.A.
Crew: Renegades, Break Disciples, Squadron

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