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When the term “manual” is spoken in skateboarding conversation, the name Joey Brezinski is sure to follow. While many of skateboarding’s most recognizable faces are searching for the biggest and gnarliest rails and gaps to claim their fame, Joey has earned his cred balancing on two wheels. With a calculated and technical style, he has come to be known as the “Manual King.”

The only American skater on the French-based Cliché skate team, Joey was thrown into the spotlight when he was chosen as the featured skater in their 2006 appropriately titled video, Hello Jojo! (Jojo meaning Joey, of course). With Joey at the forefront of their coverage, skateboarding’s Frenchmen—plus one—were awarded Best Team by TransWorld SKATEboarding magazine later that year.

Not who you would normally expect to find on the contest circuit, Joey brought the contest to him; in 2007, with the help of Red Bull, he created Manny Mania, the first-ever manual-based contest. After a solid third-place performance its first year, in 2008 Joey balanced his way to first place and proved he really is the master of the manual. Manny Mania enters its 5th year in 2011.