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David Rinaldo 


David Rinaldo XF Feed

David Rinaldo's Details

About David Rinaldo


Bike: Yamaha YZ 250

FMX since: 2004


Lazy Trooper

David Rinaldo started, like most of the others riders, as a young kid riding dirt bikes. After a few years of racing in the French junior championships, the NLF team rider decided at the age of 13 to turn his full-time attention to riding freestyle. Once the young Frenchman felt comfortable on the freestyle ramps he began traveling around France to meet other riders and worked on upgrading his trick level and style by riding as much as possible. Along the way on his journey David hooked up with his crew in the south of France with the Lazytrop and the Izzo brothers, who took him straight on the show team.

Rinaldo is a perfect example of the diversity of the sport. At the age of 22 he would normally be considered as an New School rider, but David is nevertheless faithful to the Old School mindset with his body covered by classic rider tattoos.
The most important thing for David is to stay real. He expresses a profound affection for the roots of FMX with his style while also mixing things up with some heavy New School tricks. Being included on the riders list for the Red Bull X-Fighters Madrid in 2011 was like a present from heaven for David. He was able to prove himself in the previous year in the rookie contest and made a name for himself with his extraordinary style. But Rinaldo pressed too hard and crashed out.

It was nevetheless a dream-come-true for the resident of Narbonne and he is looking forward to follow in the tracks of his idols such as Metzger, Pastrana, Stenberg and Nate Adams with an appearance on the big stage inside the Plaza del Torros. Having Double Grab Flips and other gnarly combos in his bag of tricks, Rinaldo can rock the house and could well be a surprise package for any event he shows up.



Career Highlights

• 3rd, IFMXF World Cup Riga, Latvia
• 3rd, IFMXF World Cup Cologne, Germany
• 4th, IFMXF World Cup Guangzhou, China
• 5th, IFMXF World Cup Togliatti, Russia
• 3rd, IFMXF World Cup Basel, Switzerland
• 5th, IFMXF World Cup Berlin, Germany
• 4th, IFMXF World Cup Torino, Italy

• 2nd, IFMXF World Cup Penza - Day 1
• 3rd, IFMXF World Cup Penza - Day 2
• 2nd, Night of the Jumps Munich, Germany
• 2nd, Night of the Jumps Hamburg, Germany

• IFMXF Tour Rider
• Landed 1st Double Grab Flip


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