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Eigo Sato


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About Eigo

Eigo Sato is an FMX legend in Japan. In his debut season in the 2009 Red Bull X-Fighters World Championship, he achieved 3rd place overall with electrifying performances at the Mexico City and Calgary stops where he made the podium for 2nd place finishes.

Known for his creative style Eigo is an active promoter of freestyle motocross in Japan. Because of his huge extensions, other riders love Eigo's style. In 2010 he was again a contender in the X Fighters series, but Eigo  was not able to grab a podium during the first half of the tour and had to sit out the secound half as he suffered heavy injuries from a crash in Madrid.

The Pagès brothers sum up what makes Eigo special: “His creative mix of flips and tricks, performed with a great sense of rhythm, makes the term freestyle truly come to life.”

In 2011 the recovered Japanese FMX warrior will be back with strong performances and his characteristic smooth style to amaze the fans around the globe. With the true Samurai spirit, Eigo is constantly competing against himself to concentrate to the max in a contest, while still showing utmost respect to his rivals.