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The Bike

Of all the forms a stock Motocross bike can take, an FMX bike is possibly the simplest in terms of modifications. While a lot of Pro-Riders are now switching to 4-Stroke bikes, all of them have been successful with a "Classic" 250cc 2-Stroke bike over the last decade. Robbie Maddison took his Yamaha YZ250 to show you the most important adjustments.

In explaining the most obvious changes we look at the modifications of the Seat and the Suspension above. Then there are further changes to the plastic on both sides, where cut outs are made as "Grab holes" for all tricks that involve a Grab or require extra grip.

Once those amendments are made the bikes are tuned to specific preferences of each rider and his style of riding. However, most riders will use two mechanical add-ons to ensure a safe flight and guarantee maximum extension.

1. Stabiliser
The stabiliser is a riders best friend when they leave terra firma and perform tricks where they release the handlebars or land no-handed. The stabiliser is mounted below the centre of the handle bar and can be adjusted to ensure the bar stays in a straight position. This helps the rider find his bar when coming back from a trick to his riding position.

2. Flip Levers
All riders will also employ Flip Levers, these are mounted on the handlebar in order to exert counter-pressure when a rider is mid-air. Levers are folded down when not in use to be out of the way of any bar tricks. But when a rider does a Kiss of Death flip, for example, the extended lever applies enough pressure to a riders forearm to stop their rotation going beyond that of the handlebar. To lift his body back on the bike, while doing the flip-rotation, the lever gives the rider a counter-pressure point. One or both levers are also used for upright tricks, where the rider needs additional support. A good example is the Airplane trick.

Many riders will also modify according to personal preferences, and a few are even prepared to get their hands dirty with some deep-down mechanical adjustments!

Red Bull X-Fighters - The Bike