Red Bull Breaking 2011

Preparations on track for the Red Bull BreaKing Finals in Jerash

Red Bull BreaKing Jordan 2_en

The countdown is on! The regional final competition of Red Bull BreaKing will take place in the Jordanian city of Jerash on October 7th, 2011 following a series of exciting qualifying rounds in several countries in the Middle East. Local champions intensified their efforts and preparations for the big event in the historical Jordanian city in the hope of being crowned the regional champion. So who are these “B-Boys” that will fight the ultimate showdown in Jerash?

Sixteen competitors in total - the local champion and first runner up from each participating country – made it to the final in Jordan after a regional tour of eight stops for “Red Bull BreaKing” last May and June. The electrifying duals in “Break dance” will take place in the wonderful historical city, at the sounds of hip hop music and under the scrutinizing eyes of the three-member jury of world break dance champions: French “B-Boy Lilo” and “B-Boy Lamin” and Italian B-Boy Sicko.

The qualifications took off in Qatar and toured the Sultanate of Oman, the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, KSA, Lebanon and Egypt. Faysal Aldo or “B-Boy Boyca” was crowned champion of the Qatari competition which took place in the Pearl, after beating Mohammad Al Manea (B-Boy Hammoodi), and they will both represent their country in Jordan. Then the tour landed in the Sultanate of Oman, where champion Mohammad Al Zawakhani (B-Boy Fizz) and his runner-up Mohammad Rashid Seif (B-Boy Kilwa) will have the chance to represent their country in the finals. In Dubai, Omar Bobaya from Algeria (B-Boy Omar) was the champion after winning over Ahmad Tamimi (B-Boy Rafash), while in Kuwait, Waleed Al Anzi (B-Boy Hash) lead the “Red Bull BreaKing” competition, beating Shadi Al Ali (B-Boy Shadi).

The local competition in Jordan witnessed the winning of Waleed Al Rumaihi (B-Boy Waleed) as his outperformed Tarek Al Derbass (B-Boy Drifty) during the final round, and they will both challenge their regional peers on the 7th of October, although they will have the advantage of competing on their homeland.

In KSA, Mohammad Abou Saeed Al Assiri (B-Boy Willy) was the winner and he will be accompanied by Hassan Al Rufai (B-Boy Fayer) to the finals. In Beirut, Edmond Akl (B-Boy Monix) won the Red Bull BreaKing competition, as he outperformed Ralph Kabalan (B-Boy Ralph) in the final showdown.

In Cairo, Ahmad Antar Ahmad Zinati (B-Boy Clash) beat Mohammad Al Sayed Habashi (B-Boy Alex) in the final dual on the open theater of the Egyptian Opera House, ending the last stop of the regional tour.


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