Red Bull Wanna Panna KSA 2011

Following a successful tour that covered 10 cities across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over a period of one month, Talal Al-Arab wins the title of the Red Bull Wanna Panna in the final event that took place at Red Sea Mall Jeddah in front of a big crowd that exceeded 3,000 spectators and in the presence of the president of the Western Region Youth Welfare Mr. Ahmed Al-Rozi and the KSA Red Bull Street Style Winner Basel Faylaq.

A total of 283 participants competed against each other in the preliminary qualifier events and the winner of each city qualified directly to the final event in Jeddah that gathered the best 16 skillful talents of KSA. The final 16 players played on a 6x6 meters elevated stage surrounded by a cage that gave it a style of a kick boxing challenge. After 16 knockout games the first three winners were determined.

Each game lasts 4 minutes. The player who scores more pannas wins. If the battle ends in tie, 1 additional minute is added to decide the winner. Again, if the battle remains with draw then the judges decide who is the winner based on his skills and ball possession.

After a tough battle in the final between Talal and Jameel Housawi which ended in draw in both full time and extra time, Al-Arab managed to impress the judges who unanimously chose him for his skills and talent. Third place went to Mouhand Al-Himdani.


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