Red Bull Car Park Drift 2013

Who will be the next “King of Drift” in the Middle East?

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With 2 days before the “Red Bull Car Park Drift” final competitions and the regional qualifications coming to an end, winning drivers are heading to Beirut to get ready for the final showdown on Friday.

With the support of Mr. Faisal Karami, the Lebanese Minister of Youth and Sports, and ATCL, the finals promise to include the best drifting skills and performances in the region, in the hope of scooping the ultimate title of “King of the Drift” in the Middle East.

Several criteria were taken into consideration to judge the drivers during the qualifying rounds for the Red Bull Car Park Drift in all participating countries. Yet drifting techniques and skills covered for 70 percent of the score, while the remaining 30 percent was equally divided on the external look of the car, the engine’s roar and smokes of the tires and the crowd’s cheers.

Motorsport champion in the Middle East, Abdo Feghali, was overseeing the judging procedures and the technical aspects of the competitions, which were sponsored by Chevrolet. The Lebanese Red Bull driver will also have the opportunity to show his outstanding skills and incomparable performances during the final competition, organized in collaboration with the ATCL.

Among the three Saudi drivers who will represent their country in the finals, Saeed Al Mouri and Abdel Hady Al Kahtani will be back once again to Lebanon to achieve a better performance than last year’s – sparking a fierce competition on the title specifically for Al Mouri who took the third place in 2010. The 26-year old will represent the Eastern Region in KSA, in a Chevrolet Lumina SS technically modified for drifting performances. Al Kahtani (26 years) will represent the Western Region in his “Ford Mustang GT” after taking the 9th place last year. The Middle Region will be represented by Hatem Natto (21 years), a college student and professional motorsport driver, who will be participating in the Red Bull Car Park Drift for the first time in his “Hyundai Genesis”.

32-year old Salah Bin Eidan from Kuwait returns to Beirut four years after participating in the Lebanese local competition in 2008. He was crowned champion of one of the categories, but the regulations have changed since. The skilled and experienced driver will perform in a “Mitsubishi Evo 8” for the Beirut finals.

The United Arab Emirates will be represented by the outstanding driver and business man Ahmed Al Amiri who just turned twenty seven. In a Toyota Lexus, Al Amiri hopes to steal the regional title after showing incredible drifting skills and maneuvers in the Abu Dhabi qualifications.

Jordanian Ahmad Daham (24 years) will represent his country in a 1988 BMW E 30, modified and equipped with a supercharged engine specially for the event. The college student gave an exceptional performance in both qualifying rounds, winning the local final competition in Amman.

Oman will be represented by 29-year old Mohammad al Asmi in his “Nissan 240 XS”, who outperformed the rest of the participants during his country’s qualifications on a special track built on Al Hail beach.

As for Egypt which is participating for the first time in the history of the Red Bull Car Park Drift competitions, it will be represented by Ramy Serry in a BMW M3. Ramy was the first King of Drift to be crowned in Egypt following the qualifications that took place in Porto Marina - North Coast.

Salman Mahmoud Abdallah Mohammad returns this year as well to represent Bahrain after achieving 4th place last year. The regional finals will also witness the participation of Syrian Ahmad Hamsho, who finished 5th last year. Professional Iranian rally driver Shahab Pishanidar (24 years) will compete as well in his BMW E 30, equipped with M3 engine after outstanding performances winning his country’s qualifications.

On the other hand, the Lebanese qualifying competitions are still taking place in several regions in order to determine the local champions who will compete on the ultimate driving title for the region.

Qualifications rounds have originally taken off in Kuwait on 22nd of April 2011, while the last one was organized for the first time in Egypt on July 8.

For the past three months, Red Bull Car Park Drift have toured most of the countries in the region showcasing top drivers and unmatchable drifting skills in anticipation to crowning the “King of Drift” in the Middle East on the 22 of July in Beirut , Lebanon.


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