Dany Torres at practise in Poznan, Poland © L. Nazdraczew - redbullxfighters.com

Nate Adams (USA):

“Training was good. There were no real big mistakes. I got the course figured out a bit more and I’m just looking forward to tomorrow. I don’t know if I’m the favorite or not. I’m five points out in second place but I still have a very good shot at the championship and that’s where my mind is now.



I watched Dany a little bit in training but I’m not really worried about how he’s doing. Dany always rides great so I know he’s always going to ride well. I can’t do anything to stop that. I can only ride my best so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve got a couple of nagging injuries but nothing too big. My knee is still a little sore, I got a sore finger too. But that’s about it. I don’t have any new tricks for Poland.”


Jackson Strong (AUS):

“I hurt my hand when I over-jumped. It definitely woke me up. The track is good, it’s really technical. It’s a tricky track for me. My goal for this is just to get through and have some fun. I’m not worried about what place I get.”



Adam Jones (USA):

“I’m just kind of cruising. I’m not feeling very good this weekend and I don’t like the course at all. It’s really tight out there. There’s pretty much absolutely no room between the jumps and the double doubles. I hurt my foot in Madrid and was in so much pain just trying to ride that I couldn’t really pull through it and made some mistakes. My foot’s been hurting me and I broke a toe two days before I came to Poland. I hurt my foot in Madrid and broke my toe in training this week. I’m an idiot.”



Dany Torres (ESP):

“The practice went really well. But I’m not feeling very good with my ankle. There’s a lot of pain in it. I made a mistake on the ramp to the 35-meter jump and came up a little short and I’m feeling pain. It’s not broken but I had a crash three months ago and hurt my ankle and am feeling it again. I came up a bit short in the landing yesterday. But my feet are feeling fine. I don’t know if I’m the favorite here. It will be difficult to win here in Poland because Nate Adams is strong. He won the Qualifying. He had many different tricks in the Qualifying. I’m just going to do my best here in Poland again and see what my score is. I feel really good in Poland. I won in Warsaw in 2008 and I want to do well here this year.



Eigo Sato (JAP):

“I crashed yesterday so I didn’t try too hard. It went okay. I was concentrating on getting my flow down and having fun. It’s a good course, it’s very technical. For some reason I haven’t gotten it down yet. I’ve got one more practice so hopefully I can get this course down.


 In Madrid I landed hard on my feet and that’s why I injured my knee. I was doing my trick, the under flip seat grab, and couldn’t get back to the bike so I landed on my feet and got injured. It feels okay now but I haven’t ridden for two weeks so I’m coming back from that injury and getting my feeling back.

Javier Villegas (CHL):

“Practice was pretty good. I worked on timing all the jumps, it’s a difficult course. It takes a lot of brain to get it dialed. We were pretty much focused on getting the distance and the speed right more than working on tricks. All in all it was a good practice. I’m coming off an injury. I broke my right wrist in Madrid and right now it’s bothering me a lot.



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